Duplicates detection and handling

Maja Pejčić 7 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 5 months ago 3

It would be great if DAM would have support for handling duplicates in the system upon ingestion. Currently, when an asset gets uploaded via UI, DAM can detect if the file is duplicate of an asset that already exists in the system, however user can disregard the message about duplicate and still publish the asset. 

It would be good to give system administrators in DAM opportunity to configure desired behavior when duplicate is detected, so that publishing of duplicates can be prevented if so configured. 

On a bigger scale, it would be good if this feature is applicable to all types of ingestion (including custom ingestion mechanisms, via REST API) so that ingestion can be prevented for duplicate assets if so configured by system administrators regardless of ingestion mechanism.   

Versioning Ingestion / Upload

Agreed, an ideal option would be allowing the admin to associate the existing record (duplicate) to an additional classification.