Make CRC Checksum searchable

Maja Pejčić 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Nicolas Hoflack 8 months ago 7

CRC Checksum needs to be indexed and searchable.

Use case: When creating customization, especially the ones that are adding assets to DAM, we need to be able to check if there are duplicates in the DAM (based on CRC Checksum among other things). 



In DAM v114 you will be able to search for the checksum of a file version.


The search index will have to be rebuilt to enable this new feature.



You can already achieve this through configuration.  Add a new field for CRC32, set it to searchable and add the following default value:

<ref:record file="master" out="CRC32" />

Hi Al, yes, I've been using that workaround for over 6 months now, but once upon a time checksum used to be searchable, I don't think it would be hard to add that one to list of searchable parameters for file version, therefore the request :)