Create preview for zipfile based on content

peter.kloren 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 6

OOB the DAM renders a default icon for zipfiles uploaded in the DAM. If the zipfile contains images, we would like to use a generated image from the content to show a preview with an overlay of images from the zip. See the below image.

UX File Types Ingestion / Upload

Lets see, now we have the package ingestion option, how many people would still vote to store the ZIP file i.o. unpacking it into the DAM.

Hi Peter,

The default handling when the ZIP is not recognized is just storing the ZIP, as is today.

Indeed, you would be able to have multiple (stills) as preview, but the thumbnail would show only one.

The question is, is your use case really just about downloading a full zip all the time or would users want to retrieve only one or some elements from the ZIP sometimes?

Yes, the current way of working is to use the ZIP as a whole and not use the packed files individually.

Hi Peter.

We are currently working on ZIP package support for the DAM which is different from what you are asking. Let me explain what we will be doing...

You can teach (configuration) the DAM to recognize the ZIP you are uploading, extract everything in it and store the separate elements in the DAM as master file, additional files and record relationships. This data model will depend on your specific needs on which elements should have their own lifecycle or security - as always. The master file of your ZIP will always remember how it was structured and you will be able to download the package again from the master file (constructed as it was delivered to the DAM). It's also going to be possible to use one of the assets in the ZIP as preview(s).

So I think we're covering the use case, apart from the fact that we're not storing the ZIP, we're storing the package files.

You will be able to teach the DAM to understand multiple package types (3D, Video, CGI, spinset,... ) The InDesign package support will come out-of-box and the ZIP will be understood, any way you upload (no longer restricted to hotfolder upload). Delivery of all of the above is later Q1|19.

Can you let me know if there would still be a reason to store the ZIP i.o. unfolding the package?

Hi Petra,

Thanks for the explanation. I've the following remarks at the moment:

  • the preview is then only showing a single image, instead of a combination,
  • is it possible to define a package that just stores the ZIP
  • Is there a "default" handling for zips that do not comply with any of the package definitions, what happens?

Kind regards,