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mphilp 2 years ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 9

I have had requests to be able to search by image in order to find similar images or discover information attached to the original image (a feature available on Google Image Search and Shutterstock search). 

See below for examples. 



Search AI

Similar item search is available based on Aprimo AI. Similar faces is releasing next week, also based on Aprimo AI.

 I can see both "A" and "B" Situations being used at Stanley Black and Decker 

Question to you and the other voters and readers.

What is the main use case you would like this for... 

A) you have an image on your desktop or somewhere published and you can't find this back in your DAM, this is why you want to upload the one you grabbed, to find its original DAM record

B) I have found an image in my DAM and want to see similar images

C) other 

please comment

I think it could be both A and B situations. I also look through already-published content and would like to be able to look up with a screenshot instead of having to track down the designer/vendor/correct person to contact. We occasionally get people who rename images for various reasons and need to track down the original name in the DAM for tracking usage purposes, as well as to use in another project.