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The "Task Inbox Only" domain right should remove the 2nd hyperlink on Notifications which routes to legacy task view

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 month ago in Productivity Management • updated by Trista Oliva 3 weeks ago 2

The "Task Inbox Only" domain right should also remove the 2nd hyperlink in Project Notifications (i.e. Task Assigned; Review Tasks; Reminders; etc.) Or even better, add "Task Inbox" as a Link Destination option on Notification Templates. It can be confusing to have two links and be routed to the legacy view when the customer is used to the Inbox view. 

Tasks Notifications UX

Add <<Current User>> token to "Owner" dropdown on the Job Starter/Work Request Form (VSTS 154422)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by christine.mellick 4 days ago 3

In the Job Starter, set the currently logged in user as the default owner rather than having to pick themselves.

Configuration Work Requests

Ability to Edit Activity/Project/Task title through workflow template

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 7 hours ago 6

when multiple project triggered automatically from a mail workflow (using same workflow template), all the projects triggered have same name.

So should have an ability to change the Activity/Project/Task title using EA value from workflow template.


Expand Search Functionality of Task Inbox to More Fields (VSTS 92812)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by Nico De Smet 2 weeks ago 3

Users need to be able to search on more fields, including EAs created through system configuration that are not base system attributes. A lot of customer configuration defaults task titles and project titles, so a user is not able to search by title to find the appropriate job. We should be able to search on activity, project & task level data.

UX Tasks

Auto Refresh - Task Inbox (VSTS 134327)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 1

Equip the Task Inbox so that the task tile listing doesn't require an explicit page refresh to show new or updated tasks.

Description: Currently our users have to refresh their page in order to see new tasks in their In Box. We have situations where user can receive back to back tasks and they have to refresh their page before they see the next task. We would like the system to auto refresh so that users do not need to do this.

Business Use Case: page views should auto refresh after an action has been completed. a Manual refresh should not be necessary.

UX Tasks

Duplicates detection and handling

Maja Pejčić 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 weeks ago 3

It would be great if DAM would have support for handling duplicates in the system upon ingestion. Currently, when an asset gets uploaded via UI, DAM can detect if the file is duplicate of an asset that already exists in the system, however user can disregard the message about duplicate and still publish the asset. 

It would be good to give system administrators in DAM opportunity to configure desired behavior when duplicate is detected, so that publishing of duplicates can be prevented if so configured. 

On a bigger scale, it would be good if this feature is applicable to all types of ingestion (including custom ingestion mechanisms, via REST API) so that ingestion can be prevented for duplicate assets if so configured by system administrators regardless of ingestion mechanism.   

Ingestion Versioning

Make CRC Checksum searchable

Maja Pejčić 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 2

CRC Checksum needs to be indexed and searchable.

Use case: When creating customization, especially the ones that are adding assets to DAM, we need to be able to check if there are duplicates in the DAM (based on CRC Checksum among other things). 


Dynamic Durations in Workflow

Taylor Dent 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by Scott Carson 2 weeks ago 1

Often, we’re able to optimize and simplify workflow processes by using 1 workflow to accommodate many different channels. This is great because we can reduce the amount of configuration in the system and mitigate the amount of maintenance. However, SLAs in this scenario for duration on a task tend to get generalized and are not specific. It would be great if there were a way to set criteria such as a Type to determine which duration would apply on a given task. This way, we could configure many different SLA’s to apply to 1 optimized workflow based on a Type that could be determined up stream in Job Starter, a Planning Task or manually within the Activity or Project Details page.


Provide a more efficient approach to selecting Values for Filters (VSTS 64943)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 1

User Story

As an activity administrator, I need to be able to quickly and efficiently select filter values.


A more reasonable means of selecting existing data values when creating a filter for list pages such as the Activity List View.

Because the filter value offerings are alphabetical, these individuals find themselves clicking page after page of filter values to get to their own name, or that of someone else not bearing "Admin, Admin" on their birth certificate.

An example might an individual who wants to filter where 'Owner' is equal to 'Lizzy Yang' in a system where there are a total of 310 such Owners and Lizzy Yang is #305 on that list (_See Screenshot CRQ-723-FTI-screenshot-finding-Lizzy_Yang.png_). That's 6 clicks of the 'Next Set' hyperlink. Had their name been Ronald Roland, #275 of the same list, it would have been 5 clicks to the 'Next Set' hyperlink, then clicking through hyperlinks #1 through 3 of 5 to find where that name lands.

As an example we have a public filter set up on the Job List called “My Old Jobs” which is set up as shown in the below. As you can see we set the owner to be Admin, Admin – this indicates to the user that they have to edit the filter, add their own name and then save to be able to make use of it on a regular basis. If the option was there for when setting up the filter to say Owner = < Current User > they wouldn’t need to do this and it would remove 10+ clicks (and multiple screens) from the current user experience. This applies to ANY filtering where we have the option to stipulate a physical user; for example; Assignees, Administrator, Workflow Manager, etc.

You already have this working in the My Tasks list, but you can’t actually see (_the screenshot CRQ-723-FTI-screenshot-for-ValuePicker-for-Filters.png attached to this ticket_) the setting that is defaulting it to only show you current user tasks.
In addition, again to reduce clicks, I would highly recommend you show both private and public views on one screen and also give the ability to filter the views that are available. As we onboard more teams our public filters will increase greatly and currently users only have the ability to look and choose, no search or filter available, we get moans and groans about that a lot.


New Navigation: Make Project Card project list searchable by ID

Trista Oliva 1 month ago in Productivity Management • updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 1

When a project is created in Aprimo, the title defaults to the workflow template that was used to create the project. Project managers don't always update the title of the project to a unique name. In some cases, this is not necessarily part of their business process. In some processes, an extended attribute is used as the project "title", since an EA can be updated on a DCT and a project title cannot. 

In New Nav, a project card might be useful to some users, but in cases where the title is not unique, it is difficult or impossible to find the project you are looking for since you can only search by title.

This request is to add Project ID to the search on the project card.

An example is below.


Notify user when login created

Ardath 1 year ago in Productivity Management • updated by Eric Teitsma 6 days ago 6

    • Current - A user does not get automatically notified that an account has been created for him
    • Feature request – Once a login has been created for a user, have the system automatically notify that user of their new login by sending an email to the person based on the email that was entered for the new login


Task preview once step configured

Please add a functionality to preview Task - How it will looks like in Task Inbox. Like we have Activity Request Forms.

Because In-order to preview the changes we done in the workflow, we have to trigger a project and travel through that exact path and then we can see that particular task preview. If any EA's are DCT missed then we have to do those configuration again we have follow the same process.


Order Options: Page Layout (VSTS 147772)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 1

In the Workflow Designer, add to the Page Layouttab of tasks the ability to re-order DCTs rather than having to delete and re-enter them in the desired order.

Description: When defining a task the way that the page layout is ordered is difficult change. Currently, when you want to change DCT order in page layout you have to have each DCT added in the desired order.

If a new DCT must be added to the top of a task, you have to go to the page layout, add new, and manually shift everything down. This isn't a very logical way to manage; it's time consuming, very prone to error, and doesn't lend itself at all to an iterative approach to development of new tasks.

Add ordering capability to the Page Layout, either in the form of up/down arrows similar to most other places in the application, or numbers that represent the relative position of that DCT in the order.

Configuration Workflow

Ability to customize notifications (VSTS 92238)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 1

Allow customize options to selectively choose which default notifications to receive rather than the current all/off option.

Notifications UX

Task Inbox: warn users that Annotations are in Draft status when attempting to close a regular task

Trista Oliva 3 weeks ago in Productivity Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 1

When using the legacy task completion page and attempting to close a task after creating Draft Annotations, the user will get a prompt with a reminder that they have created Annotations that are still in draft mode. This prompt prevents users from forgetting to publish their annotations and make them visible to others. However, when using Task Inbox, users do not get this prompt and can close a task leaving annotations in draft status. It is only in review tasks where users will get prompted to promote annotations from Draft to Published when using Task Inbox. 

This request is to provide Task Inbox users with a prompt to publish their draft annotations when closing a task.

Workflow Annotations Tasks