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In Review

Annotations improvement

Gareth Bennie 3 weeks ago updated by Eric Teitsma 3 weeks ago 1

Something we’re really struggling with (marketers as well as artworkers) is annotations. It’s very difficult to see which comment down the right-hand side relates to which annotation as the selected one is just a touch brighter than the others:

Is there anything we can do to make them clearer? Increase the size of the selected one? Make it a different colour? Both?

In Progress

My Projects Card

Bridget Pounsberry 2 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 2

We would like to have the ability to filter the Status of the My Projects card. That way users have the ability to only view in process projects and can filter out any canceled projects. 

In Review

customer community

Holger Blaschek 9 months ago updated by Melissa 6 months ago 4

I like Aprimo Voice, but would it make sense to set up also something like an actual community with workforces to commonly influence the product's modules into the overall most beneficial direction…? I was with the DSAG (German speaking SAP user group) for a few years and found their concept intriguing (https://www.dsag.de/einflussnahme#-strong-continuous-influencing-sessions-nbsp-sap-produkte-kontinuierlich-verbessern-strong-)… A big portion of development budget dedicated to the customer work forces, that way achieving CX and saving all the prioritization trouble in parallel... 


Aprimo Voice How-to-guide

petra.tant 1 year ago 0

My requests : possibility to improve user experience

Justine Pontoire 3 weeks ago updated by Eric Teitsma 2 weeks ago 1

User have to filter with "Advanced Sarch Options" in order to see his requests which are not submitted. If not, none of his requests are displayed. 

It will imrove user experience if in "My requests" tab, his requests could be displayed without filter. 


Add "Category" to Voice Enhancement Request Email Notifications

Christine Mellick 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 1

It would be very helpful if the Category of the Voice Enhancement Request were added to the email notifications.  For many of us that subscribe to email alerts, we are receiving 10-25 notifications per day.  Some of the functionality are not used by us and we have to click into the request link to see what category this is pertaining to.  Having the category on the email notification would save us this extra step.