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HTML5 AV: Provide two unique sections to differentiate between review and reference materials

Diane Kifer 3 weeks ago • updated by Eric Teitsma 5 days ago 3

Provide two unique sections to differenate between review and reference materials


• When reviewers open review tasks where there are multiple documents, it is not possible to discern which documents are for review and which are reference only, unless the submitter has put an identifier in the document title.
• Relying on file naming convention to discern reference documents is impractical.
• That information is visible on the Attachments screen, which they have to navigate to outside of the review task, and then manually reconcile document names to determine which are reference. There is room for error in this process and it is inefficient.


The Communications and Legal reviewers see a list of Review Materials when they open their review tasks that does not discdifferentiateern documents for review from reference.

Example 1:
One  of the seven documents listed below are reference, but you cannot tell which ones:

Example 2:
In this test project, there are 5 attachments. Two were uploaded as reference documents. One is easily identifiable, because I included the word REFERENCE in the document title. The other is not discernible to the Comms and Legal reviewers:

Impacts of Enhancement: 

• Will help reviewers in Communications and Legal to work much more efficiently
• Will reduce errors
• Will reduce instances of Resubmits, where a reviewer rejects a project with instructions for the submitter to include ‘REFERENCE’ in the file name
• Will be a better user experience

Risk of not implementing:

• Reviewers may inadvertently not review a document if they mistake it for reference
• Reviewers may waste time reviewing a document that is reference only


Currency Code a criteria for authorization rules

Susan Gwynn 11 hours ago 0

The currency code base field should be a criteria selection at the commitment and/or invoice object when creating authorization rules.  Customers using multiple currencies may have different approvers for different regions and/or currencies and the only way to do it now is add and attribute which is repetitive.  Using the activity currency code is limiting since it may be in base currency (ex. US Dollars) and the commitment and invoice be in a different active currency.  


Add Signature feature to annotations toolbar

Monika Pickard 4 days ago 0

Being able to sign a document within the project, without having to go offline would be useful.  If we could add a Signature feature to the Annotations toolbar.


SaaS Child Attachment EA showing on HTML5 Uploader when Parent is not Chosen

Susan Gwynn 3 weeks ago • updated 5 days ago 2

When configuring 2 attachment EA's one a parent and one a child, BOTH will show in the html5 uploader and are selectable even though the parent has not been selected.  

PRE-REQUISITE:Make sure the feature flag for task-doc-attachment-file (new uploader modal) is enabled.