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customer community

Holger Blaschek 6 months ago updated by Melissa 4 months ago 4

I like Aprimo Voice, but would it make sense to set up also something like an actual community with workforces to commonly influence the product's modules into the overall most beneficial direction…? I was with the DSAG (German speaking SAP user group) for a few years and found their concept intriguing (https://www.dsag.de/einflussnahme#-strong-continuous-influencing-sessions-nbsp-sap-produkte-kontinuierlich-verbessern-strong-)… A big portion of development budget dedicated to the customer work forces, that way achieving CX and saving all the prioritization trouble in parallel... 


Aprimo Voice How-to-guide

petra.tant 10 months ago 0

Default classification list fields with single list value

Graham C Hilliard 4 days ago 0

As a user editing a mandatory classification list fields that has only one value available to me, the value should be automatically selected
This can occur due to the filtering or security model. It would improve the user experience not to have to select such fields
Whether to default the fields could be an option in the fields definition. This would be much cleaner that having to use a code ref
It could also apply irrespective of whether the fields is mandatory or the number of options available to the user?