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Expanded search in Adobe and Sitecore connector

Troels Christensen 12 months ago updated by petra.tant 12 months ago 1


We have a request for some changes to the Adobe CC and Sitecore connector.We would like to be able to search using facets. I have tried to illustrate this with the screenshots below.

This is how we can search at the moment. Using classifications and nothing else:


This is how we need to be able to search using the facets we have configured in our system:

This is a critical need for us, because without this search it is very hard for our users to find the correct assets and do their work in a efficient manner. They are browsing through hundreds or thousands of images to find the one they need for their work.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Creative Cloud Search

Ability to filter roles by license types

Bridget Pounsberry 6 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 4 months ago 7
We would like the ability to filter the attribute by the user license type when reassigning a role in the roles tab. This would help prevent our project coordinators from selecting consumer license type users as reviewers on projects and would reduce the projects from getting stuck at review tasks.

Add agile board reassignments to the audit trail

Joe Cerep 4 months ago updated 1 month ago 2

We are using the Agile Board heavily and are having trouble tracking when tasks are being reassigned between users. Having an entry in the audit trail reflecting who the original assignees were, who the new assignees are and the date/time of the reassignment is needed.

In Review

Annotations improvement

Gareth Bennie 8 months ago updated by Amelia Ross 5 months ago 7

Something we’re really struggling with (marketers as well as artworkers) is annotations. It’s very difficult to see which comment down the right-hand side relates to which annotation as the selected one is just a touch brighter than the others:

Is there anything we can do to make them clearer? Increase the size of the selected one? Make it a different colour? Both?


Poor performance when assigning Roles in Tasks

Sue Davies 3 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 3 months ago 3

There are a couple of usability issues with the Role assignment on a task:

  1. Where there are multiple names it is relatively slow to remove them. The screen takes a second or so to remove the field and refresh and so if having to remove a number of names it takes a little while. Can the performance of this be improved?
  2. When removing names using the back button it loses the cursor focus and you have to click to re-enter the field. If you click into the role assignment field at the end of the name and then press the back button it removes the name but the focus on the window is lost, hence you have to click again. Normal behaviour would be to maintain focus within the field.

(we had raised a Service Now ticket before but it was closed as Feature As Expected and were advised to raise a Voice ticket)

In Progress

My Projects Card

Bridget Pounsberry 9 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 9 months ago 2

We would like to have the ability to filter the Status of the My Projects card. That way users have the ability to only view in process projects and can filter out any canceled projects. 

In Review

customer community

Holger Blaschek 1 year ago updated by Melissa 1 year ago 4

I like Aprimo Voice, but would it make sense to set up also something like an actual community with workforces to commonly influence the product's modules into the overall most beneficial direction…? I was with the DSAG (German speaking SAP user group) for a few years and found their concept intriguing (https://www.dsag.de/einflussnahme#-strong-continuous-influencing-sessions-nbsp-sap-produkte-kontinuierlich-verbessern-strong-)… A big portion of development budget dedicated to the customer work forces, that way achieving CX and saving all the prioritization trouble in parallel... 


Aprimo Voice How-to-guide

petra.tant 2 years ago 0
In Progress

Link from workflow to new UI

bieke.vanpaemelen 2 weeks ago updated by Eric Teitsma 2 weeks ago 1

From workflow tasks, if you go to asset details, the asset is opened in the asset studio.
As our clients mostly use the new UI, we would like that the link from a workflow task opens the asset in the new UI.


Allow auto-accept tasks that are reassigned to a new assignee to be auto-accepted

Joe Cerep 6 months ago updated by Rachel Phillips 1 month ago 4

When a task is set to auto-accept, the assignee does not need to click the Accept button in the Task Inbox. If that task is reassigned to someone else (through agile board or task worksheet), the new assignee has to click the Accept button. We would like any auto-accept task, even if it is reassigned to a new assignee, to be auto-accepted.


DAM product: Button to get to the screen to edit trimmed videos

Kevin B 6 months ago updated by petra.tant 6 months ago 1

When you go to Edit in Assets, there is no way to get to the editing of the trimmed videos. You have to remove "edit" from the end of the URL and then go to the Administrative mode to get there.  This isn't intuitive at all.  I had to ask Joris how to get to the edit screen for the trimmed videos, because I couldn't find a button anywhere to get me there from Assets.


Aprimo Voice Status Descriptions and Flow

Christine Mellick 6 months ago updated 5 months ago 2

When a Voice request goes through its stages of progress, there is one status called "Done" that is assigned even when the request is pending a release date.  Aprimo shows the description of "Done" as "Work is complete, the feature is released and available to customers.

I would like to add another "status" to the Aprimo Voice flow, maybe "Pending Release" because to me it is done when the request has been implemented and actually released to the customers.

A few examples of where I feel this "Done" status inappropriately used:




My requests : possibility to improve user experience

Justine Pontoire 8 months ago updated by Eric Teitsma 8 months ago 1

User have to filter with "Advanced Sarch Options" in order to see his requests which are not submitted. If not, none of his requests are displayed. 

It will imrove user experience if in "My requests" tab, his requests could be displayed without filter. 


Add "Category" to Voice Enhancement Request Email Notifications

Christine Mellick 9 months ago updated 4 months ago 2

It would be very helpful if the Category of the Voice Enhancement Request were added to the email notifications.  For many of us that subscribe to email alerts, we are receiving 10-25 notifications per day.  Some of the functionality are not used by us and we have to click into the request link to see what category this is pertaining to.  Having the category on the email notification would save us this extra step.