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Filter topics in Aprimo Voice not listing all results

Kerry 2 months ago • updated by kerry_luan.mclaughlin 3 weeks ago 2

Current behaviour:  when filtering out topics in Aprimo Voice, I only see up to 16 results, even if the search results states that there are 50 results for example.  There is no pagination and when clicking "browse all" there is no change.

For example:  I want to filter out ALL "Committed" topics to see what is likely to come in Aprimo Development.  I expect 22 results but only see 16 results.

Expected behaviour: I expect to see ALL Committed topics either through allowing more results per page OR by pagination enabled.

Thank you. Not sure how to categorize this one as its within Aprimo voice.

In Review

customer community

Holger Blaschek 1 month ago • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 2

I like Aprimo Voice, but would it make sense to set up also something like an actual community with workforces to commonly influence the product's modules into the overall most beneficial direction…? I was with the DSAG (German speaking SAP user group) for a few years and found their concept intriguing (https://www.dsag.de/einflussnahme#-strong-continuous-influencing-sessions-nbsp-sap-produkte-kontinuierlich-verbessern-strong-)… A big portion of development budget dedicated to the customer work forces, that way achieving CX and saving all the prioritization trouble in parallel... 


Aprimo Voice How-to-guide

petra.tant 5 months ago 0

simple task domain right

Adam Henderson 23 hours ago 0

It would be great if we could have a domain right that controlled the availability of the NEW SIMPLE TASK button. We don't want our users adding tasks we want them to follow the workflow we have defined as it maintained a regulated process.