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Asset/Attachment Review History - One click button to show all review history across different versions of that record

Richard Heynes 1 day ago • updated by Eric Teitsma 1 day ago 1

Would like the ability to quickly and easily view all review comments and vote decisions against a document.

Two use cases I can think of. In a project, a document may be reviewed by multiple roles and at different stages of the process, it can sometime be useful for these roles to view previous comments and review outcomes. These reviews may happen with other tasks in between and it is currently not so simple to try and expose this information...if at all possible.

Secondly, I'm a PM, or campaign owner, or perhaps a sys admin and I've been asked a question about the review process of a particular asset, this may be for an audit, having the ability to very quickly see this information straight from the asset record would save a lot of time I feel.

Think the versioning timeline on a DAM record, but with review comments, outcomes and usernames and dates on when these occurred across the various versions. Or something simpler would also suffice, just the ability to get this information quickly and straight from the record would be great!


Dynamic Attachment Type Display

Joe Cerep 2 months ago 0

Often, we’re able to optimize and simplify workflow processes by using 1 workflow to accommodate many different channels. This is great because we can reduce the amount of configuration in the system and mitigate the amount of maintenance. However, Attachment Types to be displayed in a Task frequently differ between roles/request types. It would be great if there were a way to set criteria such as a Type or an EA to determine which Attachment Types are displayed rather than having to display all Attachment Types needed for a specific Task to all roles for all request types.


Agile Boards

Shelly 2 weeks ago • updated by Eric Teitsma 1 week ago 1

Agile Board view for the status of all Activities and Projects.   

Instead of showing Tasks and the different status, the column of cards should be Activities (all open), using the Outlook color coding.  The column should have the ability to sort by a list of EA's and dates (SBU, User Department,  Role, Requestor, Type, etc...)    A second column would only expand if you wanted a closer look at the Projects under the Activity,  When expanded, the Project cards should have the Outlook color coding.      This would allow Schedulers and Managers a view for all Activities for an organization.

The above concept should then be applied to Projects.   Start with the list of Projects, again using the Outlook color coding and same sort options.   A second column would only expand if you want a closer look at the Tasks under the Project.

Additional information needed on the list and card view.  Activity Title, Type, ID and hyper link to the Activity..  Same information for the Project list and card view.   



System Parameter to "Override Roles when Applying Teams"

Joe Cerep 1 month ago • updated 3 weeks ago 2

We utilize the "Append Roles when Applying Teams" parameter but would greatly benefit from a "Override Roles when Applying Teams" option that would remove the user(s) in a role and replace them with new user(s) when a team is applied. This option would allow us the flexibility to have users select/update assignees for future tasks through the selection they make in an EA.

i.e. - we currently have three roles for our marketing communications team.

- Group Lead

- Team Lead

- Project Lead

Some requests require review by the Group Lead who assigns a Team Lead & the Team Lead would then assign a Project Lead. Simple requests may only need a Project Lead. Other requests may be reviewed by a Group Lead and assigned directly to a Project Lead with no Team Lead involvement.

We currently have to accommodate all of the potential routing through WF Templates and maintain all three roles. If there was an option to override roles when applying teams, we could have one Marketing Communication Lead role that is updated based on the selection made by the task assignee (assignee would select "Marketing Communication Lead" EA which would apply a new team and override the previous team). This would allow us to simplify our Workflow Templates and minimize roles.

We have similar use cases for other roles such as reviewers. i.e - If a Brand or Legal reviewer is assigned at the start of a Workflow and it is determined they were the incorrect assignee, manual intervention is needed to remove the current user(s) from the role and replace them with the correct user(s). This requested parameter would allow for the role update to be made through an EA selection in a users task.


OOO Functionality Gap

Rob Tuffly 1 week ago 0

It appears there’s an issue with OOO that never occurred in V9. A user (User A) went on PTO and assigned me (Rob) as her backup. The task had two roles assigned, with a voting style of "First Vote Decides." The second person (User B) on the task did not set her OOO. When User A returned, she attempted to reassign one of the OOO tasks routed to me to herself. She had her OOO still enabled, so OOO didn't allow the reassignment because OOO showed as the backup user to User A. When I reviewed the task, I found that Roles, Users and other assignment data had been wiped from the task. Further, User A closed the task, thinking it would route to her. It didn't. Instead, the task stayed in Assigned status, but without an Assignee.

One fix could be: When Aprimo sees an assigned or in-process task without a Role or User assignment, it could pop an error message for the user or admin to make the assignments. Another could be from the OOO feature. In the case above, OOO could pop a message to the user, stating "You've got OOO enabled. You need to turn it off before you can reassign tasks".


Allow us to remove "Actual Start" and "Actual End" dates from Work Entry section to simplify Resource Management

Glenn Hom 1 month ago • updated by Eric Teitsma 3 weeks ago 3

Our department is now utilizing "Actual Work" time from the "Work Entry" fields, which is incredible for resource tracking of campaigns and projects. But this requires all users to also enter "Actual Start" and "Actual End" dates, which is useless information for our needs and is a waste of time. Users say its a hassle and don't want to do it. Please create a way for us to just ask users for "Actual Work" time only. Thanks.

Tasks Project Management

Request to put Print icon back in Aprimo New Nav

Quinton Wilson 1 month ago 0

We used to have a Print icon in Aprimo Legacy Navigation, now that we have moved to Aprimo New Navigation the Print icon is no longer there.  Our PM's used this Print option to print out the Team roster list in their Campaign. 


Aprimo Voice How-to-guide

petra.tant 2 months ago 0