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Remove an attachment from a project

Trista Oliva 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Diane Kifer 1 month ago 5

I have heard several cases where there is a need to remove an attachment from a workflow/project to improve speed to market and support a more agile approach. Scenario: a project kicks off and say, 3 pieces of creative are uploaded for review using document level voting. In one of the review cycles, a reviewer says yes to 2 but rejects the third and in fact the changes they need will take longer than the current sprint. The need is to drop that creative off of the workflow so the process can continue and the doc in question can be worked on in a future sprint. But once you start with document level voting, you cannot separate the path of the documents.

One idea is to create another vote option that would effectively drop the document from review consideration and from the process -- if this vote is selected, the system would only use the votes on other documents to determine the next path. For subsequent tasks that are using "show documents from previous steps", the 'removed' document is excluded from the process. 


Complicated out of office assignments needed

Diana Fournier 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Kylie Turnauer 5 months ago 4

In Europe it is not uncommon that a user will go on vacation for an extended period of time and will need to set up their out-of-office.  it is also not uncommon that their back-up ends up going on vacation before the user comes back into the office.

We would like to request the following features:

1. If user A inputs user B as a backup and turns on their OOO.  Then user B inputs user C as a backup and turns on their OOO.  All tasks from User A and User B should go to User C.

2. If User A goes on vacation for 3 weeks and wants user B to be their backup for the first week and User C to be their backup for the last week weeks, they should be able to specify.

Enhancement request from our European user community.


Ability to have different administration messages according to the type of users

Justine Pontoire 9 months ago in Productivity Management updated 4 months ago 4

Possibility to display different messages according to groups users. All users are not concerning about the same message according to their groups. 


Out of Office administration

Kevin Kline 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 9 months ago 5

Right now, only the individual can set up their Out of Office timeframe/back up users/etc.  I would like the ability for users with Administration rights to be able to set up the individual's Out of Office details.


Asset/Attachment Review History - One click button to show all review history across different versions of that record

Richard Heynes 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Sue Davies 2 months ago 6

Would like the ability to quickly and easily view all review comments and vote decisions against a document.

Two use cases I can think of. In a project, a document may be reviewed by multiple roles and at different stages of the process, it can sometime be useful for these roles to view previous comments and review outcomes. These reviews may happen with other tasks in between and it is currently not so simple to try and expose this information...if at all possible.

Secondly, I'm a PM, or campaign owner, or perhaps a sys admin and I've been asked a question about the review process of a particular asset, this may be for an audit, having the ability to very quickly see this information straight from the asset record would save a lot of time I feel.

Think the versioning timeline on a DAM record, but with review comments, outcomes and usernames and dates on when these occurred across the various versions. Or something simpler would also suffice, just the ability to get this information quickly and straight from the record would be great!

Tasks Attachments Workflow

Task Inbox Estimated Hours

Sharon K 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by James Price 6 months ago 7

Within the Information section of the Task Inbox, the Estimated Work (days, hours, and minutes) refer to the TOTAL time estimated for the task.  The issue is if there are multiple assignees, they do not have a clear idea of how much time is estimated for each, and thus are not sure if they are exceeding their estimated time for each task/project.  

Can the Estimated Work be specific to each assignee or add a Total Estimated Work along with a breakdown per Assignee?  This would help to prevent exceeding estimated time by having a full line of sight into estimated hours for each team member.


Make Date Pickers on Work Requests Configurable

Rachel Anderson 12 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 2 weeks ago 17

Add in configuration functionality to Date and Time and Date Only Extended Attributes.

On our work requests, we want to do things like:

  • Prevent users from selecting a date in the past
  • Prevent users from selecting a date within X business days from today's date
    • If it's past X time, add an additional business day
Work Requests
In Progress

Task Inbox: Prevent a User from closing a Task with Checked Out Document

Rae-Ann Hunt 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 3 weeks ago 4

Currently, a user can check out a document and close a task before checking the document back in. Then, later in the WF, when a task is assigned to a different user containing the same document that was never checked back in, the second user can not upload a new version or check out the document. 

This request is to for the application to either prevent the user from closing the task if the document is still checked out, by displaying a message that forces the user to either cancel the check out or check in a new version before closing the task. 

Workflow Tasks Attachments

Multi Select Selection Values - Modify the Dual Select dialog box to be sizable; show more than 20 characters

Trista Oliva 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Asar 10 months ago 4

This request is to modify the Dual Select dialog box so it is sizable, or allow for some way to  the display 'Available' and 'Selected' options that are longer than 20 characters. When only the first 20 characters are displayed, it can be impossible to discern the options in some cases, as shown below.

Even though the hover text provides the full text, it would be much faster to see all the options at once instead of hovering on each one to find the correct item(s).

In Review

Add the ability for a PM to cancel an activity when editing the activity details page.

Greg Milosovic 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 2 weeks ago 7

This should function the same way as the project details page where a user with proper permissions can cancel the project. When this happens, we need to also be able to cancel the activity. Many of our activities have a 1:1 relationship with a single project (i.e., there is only ever 1 project under the activity). Currently, we have to manually close the activity and fill out required fields that may not be relevant to the particular request.


Allow new Work Request Forms to be saved prior to all required fields having input

Joe Cerep 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 2 months ago 4

Currently, all required fields must have something input for a Work Request Form to be able to be saved as a draft. Frequently, our users don't have all the information on hand when they start a request and need to be able to input the data they do have on hand, save a partially completed form as a draft and come back to complete the form later. As a workaround they are forced to put junk data (a period, N/A etc.) in all required fields to allow them to save the form. This creates the risk of those fields not being updated prior to the Work Request being submitted. We would like the ability to save Work Requests as a draft, even if a required field (or multiple required fields) is empty.


Annotation Viewer - Add "Hand Tool" Functionality to Better Reposition Zoomed Images During Review

Matt Chabot 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 11 months ago 1


One issue our reviewers frequently complain about is the lose of the hand tool when trying to reposition a zoomed document/image within the Annotation Viewer. Contrary to the selection tool, the Hand Tool allows you to move your image around the window by simply clicking and dragging in the direction you would like to go. Users find this tool useful with maneuvering around an image to focus in on a specific detail within a picture during their review process. Currently, users are required to use the scroll bar to perform the same action and say that when you are at a high zoom, the scroll bar typically overcompensates for the precise repositioning needed at the time.


Create a hand tool similar to the one in Adobe products that allows you to click and drag to reposition the image, as well as, select text when you hover and pause close to or over text. The hand tool could either act is a supplemental option to the Select Tool or replace the Select Tool altogether.

What Does the Hand Tool Do?

This tool is most commonly used for getting a closer look at a specific detail in an image. It is also frequently used along with the Zoom tool. When you use the Hand tool, you can bring a specific detail into closer focus by centering the part of the image with which you are working. This tool is also good to use when you have already made edits to an image and want to get a closer look at the changes you have made. The tool makes it easier for you to work on one specific area at a time and is particularly useful when you are working with a smaller image and need to zoom in. You can use it to pull the area previously edited into the center of the image for focus and then use the Zoom tool as well to get a better look at the changes.

Overview Video of Hand Tool Use in Photoshop: 



Enhance the parent/child relationship functionality in the Job Starter to match the functionality in the full application

Joe Cerep 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 23 hours ago 17

Job Starter vs Full Application Functionality - Please see attached video. When utilizing an EA in multiple sections of Activity Page Layout, the Job Starter Form behaves differently than the full application. There are times that Parent/Child relationships in the Page Layout are not honored in the Job Starter form but they are in the full application Activity Details section. The Job Starter functionality should mirror the full application functionality as the only way to configure Parent/Child relationships for Job Starter forms is through the Activity Page Layout section.


Ability to assign workflow roles dynamically from Task inbox

Karthik Balakrishnan 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 8 months ago 13

Our business want to assign workflow roles from Task Inbox.

Scenario : we have a complex workflow, and created 50 to 80 different teams(approx) to assigned to that workflow roles.

And they are changing this teams frequently. it's difficult track those changes. And it's Manual work, often forgot to do changes.

They want to assign this team from Task Inbox.

yes we can do this in Activity Roles Tab or Project Roles Tab, but we can't gave full user access to everyone.


Mass Update Projects (VSTS 145703)

Carolyn Mccarthy 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by James Price 6 months ago 3

Description: The Activity List has the Mass Update functionality. There have been numerous occasions with Projects where the Project Manager name needs to change across a large number of projects, and it is very time consuming to update individual Project's Project Manager names. It would be much easier to have the Mass Update functionality to Mass Update that field and another other ones that others may find useful. 

Business Use Case: There are a variety of reasons why Project Managers may change for projects such as employees leaving the firm, organizational/responsibility changes, or coverage needed. The Mass Update functionality has helped with these changes related to Activities, however the process to individually update a large group of Projects for the Project Manager name is time consuming so not always done (and the Project Manager is the one who receives notifications related to task completions).