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Filtering on programs page

Would like the ability to filter (advanced and quick) on programs page to make it easier to locate programs and activities/projects within a program.


Allow the base Program field to be surfaced on DCTs

Joe Cerep 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 2 months ago 1

Our request is allow the base Program field to be surfaced on DCTs like any other EA; as Read Only, Required or Editable but Optional. We currently surface the Program field on Work Request Forms but sometimes the requester makes an inaccurate selection. It would be great if someone in the process could update the Program to the accurate option through their Task Inbox rather than having to access the Activity to update the selection.


"Normal Export" on the Activity's Project list page

Bruce Howard 5 months ago in Productivity Management 0

With the new "Export for Project Load" function on the Activity's Project list page, we lost the ability to perform a "Normal Export".  (Amelia rejected this as a defect!)  Please add it back!


Annotation Comment Box - Remove or ability to modify

We would  like the ability to remove or deemphasize the comment box in annotations.Some End user at times don't use annotations and add it to the Comment box, making it difficult for our Designers to make the correct modifications to the Creative file. We train users to use annotations, but there are those that still add comments to the box and forgo using the Annotation toolbar. If we can't remove the comment box, someway for us to modify with a message, perhaps - "don't use for annotating, use annotation toolbar".  


status action setting project id

Brad McClure 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Richard Perks 5 months ago 3

Several workflow templates are set up to kick off another workflow template.  When this happens we don't have a good way to understand what project initiated another project. We would like to get better tracability of project kickoff.  

A couple of options

 Leverage status actions to set an EA of the parent project initiating the work

Allow user to select linked workflow - similar to change order workflow types

Systematically tie workflows together with a new base feature field that would associate the workflows together. 


Allow user to select project limited attachments in a task to go to review

Brad McClure 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated 6 months ago 2

We have the scenario where we have multiple attachments that are limited by project where the user cannot always version the attachment to flow through a review, so what happens is there are multiple attachments that flow through review.  So there end up being multiple attachments that are sent through review and not appropriate for a review.  

We would like the user to be able to select specific attachments in a task that would flow to the next review vs showing all attachments at the project level so that unnecessary documents don't flow to the reviewers


Ability to copy tasks/reviews or sections of a workflow

Like in Visio when you select a task/review or a section of a workflow you have the ability to copy it. This is helpful when a section of a workflow will be repeated or the workflow will be similar, so you can copy and tweak rather than starting from scratch.


REST API payload capture

Need logs to capture API payloads sent to Aprimo from external users using integrations. Will help to debug any issue with API calls or missing data sent by external user to Aprimo.

As we are having an issue of missing data on Aprimo end which was successfully sent from our end using API, and we have to post same data twice to get the missing field data on Aprimo UI. Its hard for us to find the root cause for issue as Aprimo don't keep the incoming API payload log.


Agile Board: View Multiple Projects by Project Type

J.B. Lewis 6 months ago in Productivity Management 0

We have teams in our organization who would like to see tasks on the Agile Board, but only within groups of projects. This request is to add a filter within the Agile Board that can display tasks only within active (In Process) projects that fit within a specific Project Type.


Allow date EA

Joe Cerep 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated 5 months ago 2

Task Inbox - only display the task details middle panel when you click on the task card

Liz Guzman 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 6 months ago 3

We have a lot of users complaining that when you close a task in the inbox, Aprimo automatically puts the next task in the list in edit mode.   Our users are in auto drive and start editing this task without really noticing which task it actually is and sometimes even closing the task.   It would be nice if the middle task details wouldn't appear unless you click on the task card, behaving more like an inbox, so mistakes wont be made and tasks be closed off accidentally.  Just interested what other customers think or if this is considered an extra click.   Our users are new and still getting used to Aprimo, so also interested if this issue is just early adoption related?    Thanks.


Ability to add Work Request Forms to a Program

Joe Cerep 6 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 5 months ago 1

We would like the ability to add the Activity created by a Work Request Form submission to a Program. The same way a Program can be selected through an Activity/Activity Proposal, we would like to be able to select the applicable Program directly in a Work Request Form.


Can a workflow be based on a relative date?

Tamara Hurioglu 7 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 7 months ago 1


(1) Start a task next business day at 3:30 pm.

(2) Send direct email to printer next Sunday

(3) A task needs to happen every 2nd Monday of the month, if Monday is a holiday, option to skip or move to Tuesday.

Currently, we use a manual step where the project manager sets the project EA date as the relative date (next Sunday). It would be nice to automate this and avoid the manual intervention.