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New Task Type - Assigned Auto-close - task is assigned to a user but will automatically close

Liz Guzman 1 month ago in Productivity Management 0

We have a scenario where our designers upload the final approved design files in a task which get displayed in the next task back to the requester, where they can download these files for use. This final task is not getting closed by the requester, which means the Projects are not getting closed, which means the Activities are not getting closed.

We have implemented a reminder to the assignee, but still not getting closed. (We cannot have a URL file which can just be sent in a notification template, FYI). Also, we don't have the Aprimo DAM or an integrated DAM with Aprimo workflow as we know these are more sophisticated solutions.

So, I am requesting a new type of task, a task that is assigned with all the configuration, but automatically closes after a specific duration. This would solve the task closure issue. (Just putting this out there)


Ability to Cancel a Project through the Task Inbox

Joe Cerep 1 month ago in Productivity Management 0

We are looking to add the ability for a task assignee to Cancel the current Project through the Task Inbox. Right now, we configured the ability to send a Project to a closed status through an EA "Cancel this request?" that routes the WF Template to the End Step when set to Yes. We use this (rather than the Cancel button on the Project Details) because it allows us to force a required child field to input the reason for cancellation which is then sent to the requester through a notification. The Cancel button on Project Details does not require the user who cancels to enter any subsequent details or alert other users who need to be informed of the cancellation. Getting to the Cancel button in the Project Details is also not always an intuitive experience for users.  The ability to have a Cancel option built into the Task Inbox, and ideally requiring a details/cancellation note to be added, will cut down on the amount of configuration we have in WF Templates since they currently have to have a Cancel Output Port on any Step that users can select to cancel in.


Time Entry

We used to use the Time Entry to manage resources from AMSOD, which we could use to manage our resources time outside of a workflow. Prep meetings, training sessions, development sessions, etc... We were able to manage it by project. Is there any discussion about bringing something like that back into SAAS?


Add work request icon at top of left nav for contributor users

Michael Higgins 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 2 months ago 1

Add work request icon to top of left nav for contributor users.  These users probably use that feature as much as anyone.  This is a peculiar design decision and complicates Communications and Training


Password Criteria

When a user resets their password there is no clue as to the password criteria they should meet. We would like to see the option to display the criteria that we have set in system preferences. Currently users have to guess if they need an upper case, symbol etc and guessing the criteria and getting it wrong a few times is not a good experience for uses and wastes time. 


Make Page Hook a required field in Task Inbox

Use Case: Citi is looking to build an Aprimo hosted Customer Specific page that will generated after clicking a Page Hook in the Task Inbox. This Customer Specific page will contain data that needs to be populated for the request to continue. Currently, there is no way to require that the page hook on the task was clicked and the data on the customer specific page was complete.

Enhancement Request: The need here is to have the ability to make the page hook link required on the task inbox and ensure required fields on the customer specific page are complete before the task can be closed.

History: We explored the option to build in additional downstream tasks to review if the customer specific data was complete. This was not an acceptable solution. The need is to guarantee this data is complete on the task where the page hook for the customer specific page exists.


Enhancement: Allow voting in Annotation Viewer

Glenn Hom 2 months ago in Productivity Management 0

Being able to vote in annotation viewer would prevent cases of users accidentally voting in the wrong task. This would be even more helpful now that annotation viewer opens in the same browser tab and replaces the task inbox.


Document layout page on auto close tasks

Zack Davis 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 1

Request: The ability to configure the document layout section on auto close tasks. Currently, once Auto Close is set to Yes, the document layout tab disappears.

Use Case: (Workflow template points to DAM) Users upload a number of assets, each using a different digital asset type, at the beginning stages of the workflow. Later, a task is configured to pass metadata from the workflow to a DAM asset. This task is set to auto close. Metadata from the auto close task will be mapped to the asset(s) that displayed on the predecessor user task. In scenarios where the predecessor user task surfaces an asset that does not need to be stamped with metadata, a new user task needs to be created containing only the assets that need to be stamped. If the auto close tasks had a configurable document layout section, they could be utilized to pass metadata seamlessly without a user task as a predecessor.


Annotations allowed on versions that are nor the latest version

When you have two versions of an ADAM asset surfaced on your task and you launch the annotation viewer, then choose "side by side", a user could inadvertently annotate the older version of the document (1/2 instead of 2/2).  Our business feels this would be very misleading and for validation purposes (since those annotations can also be published) it is a big issue for them.  They suggest to possibly either only allow annotations on the latest version - or to restrict the 'publish annotation' to the latest version.


Ability to lock an asset when associated to a project to prevent deletion

Richard Heynes 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 1 month ago 3

It would be very useful if we could lockdown an asset that has been associated with a project to prevent it from being deleted. An asset should never be deleted if it is actively involved with an in process project as this could cause issues further down the process. There may be special cases required where an asset may actually need to be removed but this should be kept to limited access.


Have the Program EA field on a request form

Have the ability to add the Program EA field to the request form.


Add the ability to send notifications to non-users

Joe Cerep 3 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Eric Teitsma 2 months ago 3

It would be great if we were able to send notifications to non-users. We have a large number of stakeholders, both internal and external, that are involved in projects but do not have a need to be in Aprimo. They would benefit from a large number of our existing notifications.


Validation Non-Compliance: Review PIN is not sufficient for CFR Part 11 Section 200

Diana Fournier 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated 4 months ago 1

Our Validation Team has deemed that the Review PIN functionality for our validated review (which we call "Final Review" in our configuration) is not sufficient and that we are currently not compliant with CFR Part 11 Subsection 200 (screenshot attached).

This requires that there be TWO levels of validation, not just a Review PIN. 

Please let us know if you have suggestions from Michael Smith or other Life Sciences specialists at Aprimo.  We would welcome a conversation with our lead Validation colleague, Michael Falco, as well if you would find that helpful.


Diana Fournier


Document Level Voting enabled for a First Vote Decides voting style

Currently only enabled for Consensus voting styles, severely limiting available use cases for this functionality