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Automatic access to chatboard

Nico De Smet 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 8 months ago 6

If a user was assigned to a task via a delegation or through a role change, manual intervention will be required to add the user to the activity access list to allow them to access the chat board.

The request is to make this automatic.

This was requested by Delaware and by customers KRKA and Husqvarna.


Route Workflow Notifications to Out of Office Back Up User

Rae-Ann Hunt 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Cari Baugh 3 months ago 5

When Out of Office is on and a backup user is assigned, the "Unable to Assign Task/Empty Role" notification does not forward to the backup user. It forwards to the original user who is OOO. This can cause the issue of a workflow becoming stuck due to a role being unassigned and the Backup not being notified to correct the issue. 

Also, If a backup user is set and custom notifications are defined in a workflow the user must be a part of the role to get the custom notification, which may not apply to the back up user. 

It would be beneficial if all notifications passed from the users to backup user no matter if custom or base notification. 

Workflow Notifications

Need Task Delegation Email Notification (VSTS 173956)

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Liz Guzman 2 months ago 18

Description: When a user delegates a task to another user, there needs to be the following notifications sent:
1) Notification sent to the original delegator the task has been delegated.
Notification to include Task Title, Activity ID, Activity Title, Project Title, Project Manager, Job Owner, Task End
Date, Task Description, Original Task Delegator and Who the Task was delegate to.

2) Notification sent to the new delegate.
Notification to include Task Title, Activity ID, Activity Title, Project Title, Project Manager, Job Owner, Task End
Date, Task Description, Original Task Delegator and Who the Task was delegate to.

Business Use Case: Delegator needs to know their task was successfully delegated via a notification and the Delegatee needs a notification when a task has been delegated to them.


Paused Workflows/Projects not to display Tasks as an Assigned or In Process Status

Monika Pickard 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Amelia Ross 5 hours ago 20

Tasks associated with Paused workflows continue to show up in Task Inbox as an Assigned and In Process tasks. This creates a usability issue as users can’t distinguish between the tasks that they should advance ) and the tasks that they should consider paused.


Notify user when login created

Ardath 2 years ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Valine 10 months ago 7

    • Current - A user does not get automatically notified that an account has been created for him
    • Feature request – Once a login has been created for a user, have the system automatically notify that user of their new login by sending an email to the person based on the email that was entered for the new login


Add Feature Flag in System Parameters

Rob Tuffly 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Mike Lewis 2 months ago 7

As customers, we don't line of sight to which Feature Flags are enabled or disabled in a given environment. This requires us to go to our CSPs or Customer Support to enable or disable flags -- or just to understand which flags are enabled and available.

In Progress

Annotation Viewer is no longer opening in a new tab - This adds risk of voting on the wrong task!

Glenn Hom 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 16

Please see below. The annotation viewer window within the red box used to open up by itself in a new browser tab, which was extremely advantageous, because it allowed you to move the tab to a second screen and see both the annotation viewer and the task inbox to vote at the same time. Starting Jan 16, 2020, the annotation viewer now opens up in the same tab and replaces the task inbox view. In the past, the annotation viewer did not have the left side navigation column. This new function is terrible, because by closing the task inbox, you run the risk of voting on the wrong task when you go back to it. When both were visible on separate tabs, that wouldn't happen. Now the risk of voting on a different task is heightened. The only workaround is to reopen the task inbox in a new tab, but this adds multiple clicks and still runs the risk of voting on the wrong task. I think this is a terrible development and users are complaining. Anyone else seeing this same problem?


Annotation Viewer – Search For Text Functionality Throughout a Document

Matt Chabot 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Anne Murphy 10 months ago 3

Similar to how you are able to search text in Adobe Acrobat by clicking the CTL – F shortcut, our users consistently complain about not having the ability to search for specific text throughout a document. User often resort to working offline when reviewing longer documents because of the limiting functionality of the annotation viewer. We would like Aprimo to add similar functionality to that of which is in Adobe Acrobat to allow users to find instances of specific text and words throughout a document.

Potential Solution:

Use Aprimo DAM’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology to work within the Annotation viewer so that users can search for words and phrases.


Support for Part-time work patterns in Resource Capacity and Productivity Management

Lorna Loney 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Adam Henderson 5 months ago 2

Allow working hours / work patterns to be set at an individual user level rather than a system parameter.  For example allow a user to specify that they work 20 hours per week (Monday 10 am- 3 pm, Tuesday 10 am - 3 pm, Wednesday 9 am - 4 pm,  and Thursday 10 am - 1 pm ).  These working hours and daily capacity should then be taken into consideration when allocating work or showing team member capacity.

I have heard this request from LEGO, Prudential ,KRKA and many prospect RFPs.  This type of feature is a must have given that most workplaces are moving to more "flexible working hours".


Please increase URL EA field data type length - currently only 255 chars!

Diana Fournier 4 months ago in Productivity Management updated by mary_k_james 4 months ago 6

We are using URL EAs as hyperlinks to the DAM that contain search expressions.  We then surface the URL EA on the aprimo task so the user can "click here" to see assets that are specific to those search criteria.

However, we encountered a length limitation on this field type that is preventing us from using these as needed.  Only 255 characters are supported!  Which as far as URLs go is not going to be nearly sufficient. 

Our only workaround is to programmatically create classifications but that carries with it significant overhead including a 'cleanup' job that removes the classifications when they are no longer needed, etc.

Can this field type please be increased asap?

Thank you!

Diana Fournier, Arthrex


Set "Required" Activity Level Fields per Work Request Form Rather Than EA Configuration

Matt Chabot 9 months ago in Productivity Management updated 9 months ago 4

Allow Admin to configure whether an Activity EA is “Required” on each Work Request Form (WRF) rather than everywhere.


Currently, if an Admin wants an Activity level EA required on a WRF, the “Required” parameter is set on the EA configuration page under the Activities Extended Attributes list. However, this makes the EA required across every WRF where it appears, and subsequently, every Activity Details page where it displays. This causes issues for multiple user groups that do not occur with a project or task EA.

The first consideration an Admin has to make is a Requester or user that is responsible for filling out a WRFs, frequently skip over EAs that are not required/bolded. Because many Activity EAs “should” be required on some WRFs, but not all, Admin are forced to determine if it is worth making the field required across all forms. An Admin’s options are either to require the user to input a response even though it may only pertain to their situation a small percentage of the time, or the Admin must set a default value to correspond with the highest percentage answer option across every WRF.

As you can imagine, the former leads to frustration from Requesters as they feel they are filling out unnecessary fields. For the ladder, beyond the Admin needing to update every WRF which can easily surpass 250+ unique form, users miss the field because it is already filled in for them. When users miss fields, it causes issues later in the project’s life cycle (especially if the field determines the project’s routing) which causes frustration, delays, and resubmissions.

The second consideration an Admin has to make is the repercussions of needing to make edits on every Activity Details page where new Activity EAs are required. Every instance the EA is displayed, whether historical or new, if a user hits edit, they are required to input a selection for the required field before they can save whatever update they were originally trying to perform. For users who consistently make updates to the Activity Details page, this is beyond frustrating and makes any Admin lose friends very quickly.

    *One workaround is to use the Data Loader to backfill all historical data for the new field. This especially useful when trying to convert old EAs to mirrored EAs with share option sets.


    Admin should have the ability to set the “Required” parameter when configuring each WRF rather than on the EA configuration page. On the Defaults tab of the WRF setup, have a second column similar to the DCT functionality where you can indicate if the field should be required or not. If the EA is configured to be required via the historical EA config page, the functionality can still perform the same way as it does no. However, if the EA config is not set to required, then the Admin should be able to set the parameter on a per WRF basis.


    Activity Chat Improvements - Email Notification Subject and Chat Board List

    Liz Guzman 9 months ago in Productivity Management updated 3 weeks ago 8

    1. When receiving a chat board notification, the subject line is not informative to drive a response from the recipient, so the Activity Title should be provided.

      Current Subject: You have been tagged in a post

      Suggested Subject: You have been tagged in a post: <Activity Title> 

      2. In the list of Project Chat Boards, displaying the Activity Title below the Project Title would be very helpful as using workflow templates, the Project Titles are all similar, so you cannot decipher what these posts are without clicking on them.

        In Review

        Ability to update the activity created notification

        Liz Guzman 9 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 3 weeks ago 4

        We are currently using the Activity Request forms and for half of our forms, we have defaulted to Activity Owner and Admin to a user with our central marketing operations email address.   We then review the request and assign the correct Activity Owner. We may get multiple requests coming and it would be very helpful to add content to these Activity Created Notifications so that we can quickly look at the emails and then update the Activities appropriately based on urgency, business unit of requestor, etc.


        Report Distribution: Add option to NOT send reports out which contain no data rows

        Richard Perks 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Stephanie Psenicka 4 months ago 7

        We have a number of exception reports that are distributed regularly and for the majority of the time these contain no data rows.

        An example being a report that highlights activities that have no projects.

        It would therefore be extremely useful if there was an option to NOT send reports out when they contain no data rows.

        A few of the key benefits of introducing this option being:

        1) Reports will only be sent to Inbox when there is something to action.

        2) Reduction in the amount of emails users receive.

        3) Reduction in use of server resources, network bandwidth, disk space etc.


        Order Options: Page Layout (VSTS 147772)

        Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 year ago in Productivity Management updated by Steve Dixon 7 months ago 4

        In the Workflow Designer, add to the Page Layouttab of tasks the ability to re-order DCTs rather than having to delete and re-enter them in the desired order.

        Description: When defining a task the way that the page layout is ordered is difficult change. Currently, when you want to change DCT order in page layout you have to have each DCT added in the desired order.

        If a new DCT must be added to the top of a task, you have to go to the page layout, add new, and manually shift everything down. This isn't a very logical way to manage; it's time consuming, very prone to error, and doesn't lend itself at all to an iterative approach to development of new tasks.

        Add ordering capability to the Page Layout, either in the form of up/down arrows similar to most other places in the application, or numbers that represent the relative position of that DCT in the order.

        Configuration Workflow
        Steve Dixon 7 months ago

        This will be available in the r101 release.