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Ability to Edit SQL Objects and run sql query to return results

Our business requirements demands more complex workflows and more and more complex reports. we don't have db access. and we are not getting db back up also.

By these difficulties reports development and maintenance(adding more enhancements in existing reports) getting complex day by day.

we are creating more objects and object relationships to get desired output.

Just to see result of a simple query, we should go for long process.

So we want to see Edit option to Custom SQL object and also want to see a run button once sql object creating. This run button will fetch the current result for created sql.


Adobe Creative Cloud Connector - New Asset Creation and Required Fields

Doug Mullin 8 months ago in Integrations / Connectors • updated by laura.patterson 1 month ago 3

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.46.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.45.44 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.45.28 AM.png
When creating a new Asset via Adobe CC Connector, if the Classification the asset is being saved into has any required fields, the User is confronted with an error message, and no way to enter in the required data. 

Considering how frequent required fields are for our Clients, this is quite inconvenient. It seems like the CC Connector should be uploading to the Uploads holding area, just like an upload via the usual DAM UI. Alternately, instead of the error message, the user could get a dialog box giving them an opportunity to fill in the required metadata. 

Creative Cloud

Reduce steps to create attachments using REST API

As of now we should have 6 steps/API calls to create an attachment in an activity

1. check the file already existing

2. upload chunk file

3. complete chunk upload

4. create Attachment

5. create attachment version

This approach taking log time to create one attachment.

One of our requirement demands at least 100 to 200 attachments to upload, which taking log time.

So please reduce the steps to create attachments


Once the assets are migrated into Sitecore the assets must be mapped to user friendly folder structure in Media Library

Ajur D K 2 weeks ago in Integrations / Connectors 0

Steps to reproduce:

1. Logon to Sitecore

2. Go to Browse Aprimo

3. Import any asset


Why we want the asset names to not lose the names, when migrated into Sitecore:

1. It will impact SEO.

2. It is very difficult to understand, from the current folder structure, as where image is imported.

3. We have a functionality on our website to pick the assets from folders and show it on the UI.

Expected behavior:

Business requested to have control on mapping assets to a folder within the Media Library in Sitecore on import.

Actual behavior:

Currently folder structure is created by Aprimo on asset import.