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Hide base fields from Activity Details Page

Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Szymon Wozniak 5 months ago 4

There quite a few instances where the following fields are not being used on the Activity Details page and we would like to hide/remove them to have a cleaner user experience.


Cell Matrix




Currency Code


Bring back Designer 'Validate' and 'Promote To Production'

Mike Lewis 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 11

New Field Restyling moved the 'Validate' and 'Promote To Production' buttons to the 3 dot menu.  

As an Admin, I prefer to be able to see the status of my template as I am working on it.  Previously I could see this based on whether these buttons were black or grayed out.

You can leave the buttons in the 3 dot men if you have another way to show me the status.


New Field Restyling:


Ability to make an attachment field required based on a form field picklist selection

Greg Milosovic 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Adam Henderson 6 days ago 17

Attachment field should have the ability to become required dynamically based on a form field picklist selection. 

E.g., I ask a requester via a single select picklist form field to tell me if an email they want to send to customers already exists. They have 2 options:

1.) No, but a zip file is attached

2.) Yes, it has been created in marketing automation platform

If the user selects #1 above, then the attachment field at the bottom of the form should become required. If they select #2, then the attachment field is either optional or, ideally, it would disappear. 

Attachments Configuration

Numeric EA should have a feature to automatically set unique default value

Maja Pejčić 2 years ago in System Administration updated by Eric Teitsma 1 year ago 2

We are seeing frequent use case to have a reference number type of field (numeric EA) which would get a unique number as default value. 

Use case: Marketing department needs a new brochure and starts an appropriate project. They have a reference number EA on the project which represents that particular creative piece. Therefore it needs to be incremented value but it also needs to be unique for that particular creative piece. When the brochure is first created (version 1, revision 1), we would like to be able to use system feature to generate unique reference number (increment of previous reference number). Once that creative is built and project finished, we will need to update revision/version later in the future. When starting a project to update that piece of creative to new version/revision, we would overwrite the reference number default generated value with the original reference number for that particular creative piece so that all versions/revisions of the same piece would be tied with the same reference number. 

This can be customized, but it is a use case in practically every marketing department, so it would be good for Marketing Productivity to have the feature of generating unique incremented numbers for this type of use case. Generator should take into the account EA length limitation and generate number with leading zeros. 


Extended Attribute limit count

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in System Administration updated 1 year ago 6

One of line of Business more focused on content management using workflows. So requirement demands more number of EAs in Activity, Project and Task EAs.

So We want to increase the Extended Attribute limit.


Event Data Link in UI

carson.hale 12 months ago in System Administration updated by Eric Teitsma 8 months ago 2

On Prem Aprimo we used to have a link to view the event data errors that occurred for troubleshooting.  In SaaS it appears this link has been removed.  We would like this to be available again as it is very helpful from a support stand point.  Thank you!


Inbox - Configure order of Sections

Carolyn Mccarthy 1 year ago in System Administration updated by Amelia Ross 6 months ago 6

We would like the ability to determine order of DCTs, Step Checklists and Attachments by Task, when viewed in the Inbox.  In legacy version of a particular task, we had sections that required action at the top of the task (Step Checklist and DCT with editable fields).  In the Inbox, the Step Checklist is now at the bottom of the task and we would like to be able to configure it to be at the top.  


Duplicating a user groups options

Adam Asar 1 year ago in System Administration updated by petra.tant 3 months ago 5
When duplicating a user groups, it would be nice have options below:
Option 1: Duplicate User group
Option 2: Duplicate User group with permissions

Custom Unique Identifiers for Activities & Projects - Setup by Admin for Consistent Naming Conventions

Matt Chabot 1 year ago in System Administration updated 1 year ago 3

Almost every firm utilizes some sort of unique identifier to associate with project or piece of collateral. Currently, Aprimo user’s only option is to create a custom EA with no restrictions on a required format for the input value other than character length. This makes it extremely hard to have consistency with the unique identifier structure because the system doesn’t require that the structure is upheld. Additionally, because the users can input anything they want, it causes duplication of historical identifiers which causes lots of downstream issues when we try to apply it to other systems.

Having the functionality to create firm specific custom unique identifiers will create a huge value add for Aprimo as the system of record.  It will strengthen customer's dependence on the system to initiate projects and act as a central hub for connections to other systems.  


A system admin can configure a specific EA to generate a unique identifier for each new project through an EA configuration setting. You can configure the settings so that when a new project is created, it will generate a unique identifier for the new project based on the naming properties you configured.

Configure a Unique Identifier:

On the EA settings page, click make a unique identifier.

  • On the EA details page, in the Name field, specify a name for the unique identifier you want to create. For example, if the unique identifier is going to be used by the Finance Department for high risk projects , you could enter ** Finance Dept (High Risk) **.
  • In the Description field, type a description of the u. For example, Use this unique identifier to create high-risk projects for Finance.
  • In the Project ID section, you need to enter information that will be used to create a unique Project ID for your projects that are created through the unique identifier template:
  • In the Prefix field, you can enter characters that will be at the start of each generated Project ID. For example, you may want the Project ID for projects created through the Finance Department EPT to begin with FIN_. This field is optional.
  • In the Starting Number field, enter a number that will serve as a starting point for Project IDs that are going to be generated for this unique identifier. For example, enter 10001 if you want the first Project ID to be 10001. This field is required.
  • In the Postfix field, you can enter characters that can be used to append your Project IDs that are generated by this unique identifier. For example, if the unique identifier is used to create only high-risk projects for the Finance department, you could enter _HR. This field is optional.
  • In the Minimum Digit Padding field, enter a number of digits that you want to have for newly generated Project IDs. For example, if you enter 3 and have a Starting Number of 1, then the first three Project IDs that will be generated are 001, 002, and 003. If you enter 5 with a Starting Number of 1, the first three Project IDs that will be generated are 00001, 00002, and 00003.

For example, with the sample settings used in the procedure above, the Project IDs generated through the Finance Dept (High Risk) unique identifier will be:

  • FIN_10001_HR
  • FIN_10002_HR
  • FIN_10003_HR
  • Etc.

Best Practices

For larger organizations, it is a good idea for the Project admins or PMO to agree upon a Project ID naming convention and a numeric range to ensure uniqueness. Additionally, it is also a good idea to document the unique identifier settings for reference. For example:

Other best practices to consider:

It is important that you come up with a naming convention on how you want to segment your Project IDs before starting the configuration of your unique identifiers to ensure uniqueness across different unique identifiers.

A Project ID can be edited if it is added to a Project Detail page. You can use this approach to perform ad-hoc edits of the Project ID value if needed. As always, ensure that there is a standardized naming convention in place to ensure uniqueness of your Project IDs if you need to make ad-hoc changes.



Ability to Alphabetize teams/roles/Activity Type Statuses lists (VSTS 111665 & 121742)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in System Administration updated by Anne Murphy 1 year ago 2

The ability to generally alphabetize lists but were told to break out the requests and enter only the most critical. We have the ability to manually alphabetize the teams/list and that saves, however there is not the ability to have the list alphabetize.

For example, when adding Activity Type Statuses within Activity Types, we learned that you had to enter them in the order of appearance. This is an area where the alphabetize feature would be helpful and save a lot of time.

In addition, we feel it would be helpful to have the “Role” and names with the “Users/Groups” in the Master Team Lists be alphabetizable as well to make it easier for us to double check the names included (see example creative development master team list with names not alphabetized). The roles and names within the users/ groups do display alphabetically for users on the Activity Roles tab, and we would like it to be the same representation of the site look for admins.


Extended Attributes: Description and Last Modified information

Karthik Balakrishnan 2 years ago in System Administration updated 15 hours ago 12

In order to aid in identifying which extended attribute is used for what purpose, it would be helpful to have a Description field on the extended attribute page.

Additionally, to aid in the auditing of Extended Attributes, it would be helpful to include the Last Modified information on the EA details page.

Use Case for Description: Sometimes we have extended attributes with similar or same names but with minor changes for entirely different processes or process steps. In such cases, a description would be helpful to identify purpose of that attribute.

Use Case for Last Modified: At times we need to audit our extended attributes to ensure they are being utilized. When an EA is obsolete, it can be re-used or maybe removed. When looking at EA Usage, it would be helpful to be able to compare Create Date to the EA usage to know of an “old” EA is not being used. If an EA does not have much usage, but is newly-created, it should not be archived. Another use case is if we have an issue with a workflow due to an EA change. With Last Modified info, we can find out when the EA was modified and by which user.

These would be low-impact, high value enhancements. It would be a positive impact on most SaaS users, or a neutral impact to those who would not need the fields. Additionally, having these fields on the EA details page is consistent with other objects in the application.

Here is a mockup of an Extended Attribute Details Page with these fields:


Ability to relabel base Activity date fields (Activity Begin Date/End Date/Project Anchor Date) (VSTS 149448)

Carolyn Mccarthy 2 years ago in System Administration updated 4 months ago 3

The ability to relabel the base Activity date fields would potentially allow us to remove additional date EAs that we have created and improve user experience by eliminating our request for the entry of duplicate dates. This terminology request would be similar to what has already been done for the base “Administrator” field, which we have renamed to Activity Manager. A Business Case example is today, we ask users to input the same date for the base Activity End Date and the Activity Extended Attribute we’ve created called Out of Market Date. If we could relabel End Date to Out of Market Date, we could potentially remove the need for the separate Out of Market Date EA.

Fields / Attributes

Aprimo DAM rename

Doug Mullin 2 years ago in System Administration updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 2

We have a Client who would like to rename the "Aprimo DAM" label in the side bar in MO to their own name for the DAM. We've been told this is not currently possible. It would be great to be able to do this for branding purposes.  Thank you!


Modify Login Screen

christopher.fredrickson 3 months ago in System Administration updated 2 months ago 3

Are we able to modify this screen?  Users are prompted with this screen, then click "log in as employee", then get prompted with our Single-Sign-On screen.  I am being asked by my Data Governance Team to add something like this:

Schneider Electric collects your login and activity history such as view, upload & download contents to improve our digital contents. We will keep a record of your personal information for as long as needed for this purpose. To know more about your rights and how Schneider Electric uses personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.


Extended Attribute List does not support quick filter values

Sue Davies 1 year ago in System Administration 0

You can't filter in object name for Extended Attribute types e.g. if I want to select Project EAs, I have to scroll down rather than filter on Projects.