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Duplicates detection and handling

Maja Pejčić 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by Rockell B. (Aprimo Consultant) 2 weeks ago 3

It would be great if DAM would have support for handling duplicates in the system upon ingestion. Currently, when an asset gets uploaded via UI, DAM can detect if the file is duplicate of an asset that already exists in the system, however user can disregard the message about duplicate and still publish the asset. 

It would be good to give system administrators in DAM opportunity to configure desired behavior when duplicate is detected, so that publishing of duplicates can be prevented if so configured. 

On a bigger scale, it would be good if this feature is applicable to all types of ingestion (including custom ingestion mechanisms, via REST API) so that ingestion can be prevented for duplicate assets if so configured by system administrators regardless of ingestion mechanism.   

Ingestion Versioning

Make CRC Checksum searchable

Maja Pejčić 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 2

CRC Checksum needs to be indexed and searchable.

Use case: When creating customization, especially the ones that are adding assets to DAM, we need to be able to check if there are duplicates in the DAM (based on CRC Checksum among other things). 


Asset Subscriptions

joris.wynendaele 5 days ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 4 days ago 2

as a user i want to subscribe to get notified of any changes to an individual record, changes to a set of records identified by a view and changes to a set of records belonging to a collection


Agree to terms and conditions upon dowload

joris.wynendaele 1 month ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 4 weeks ago 2

As a user I need to accept terms an conditions when downloading an asset. That info is then captured and logged for auditing reasons later on.


Support secured shared download link

peter.kloren 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by bart.theys 2 weeks ago 5

In the current solution, the shared download link can be used by any person who clicks the link: there is no authentication check. We would like to change this shared download link to work like described below:

  • The content sharer selects the asset(s) he wants to download
  • Selects the Share action
  • The content sharer selects with whom to share. This can be existing DAM users and/or external users. Who it’s possible to share with, the length of time the download is available, and whether the user must authenticate is controlled through configuration.
    • Share with external users
    • Share with DAM users
    • Share with anyone
    • Get a shareable link
  • Upon receipt of the link, the content receiver clicks the link
  • If the download is configured to require authentication, the content receiver is prompted with a login if not yet logged into the system
  • Then download of the content is started and the user is downloading the content from the nearest geographical location

Each download event is recorded so that it can be used for reporting on download

Orders / Sharing

Search by Image

mphilp 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 6 days ago 2

I have had requests to be able to search by image in order to find similar images or discover information attached to the original image (a feature available on Google Image Search and Shutterstock search). 

See below for examples. 



Search AI

Current Storage Usage

Rachel 2 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 2

The ability for the client to view their current storage totals for all of their environments.  

This will help with better file management, usage reports, and transparency across the system.  

Configuration Reporting / Analytics

Create preview for zipfile based on content

peter.kloren 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated 2 weeks ago 5

OOB the DAM renders a default icon for zipfiles uploaded in the DAM. If the zipfile contains images, we would like to use a generated image from the content to show a preview with an overlay of images from the zip. See the below image.

File Types Ingestion UX

Expand sort options in Consumer UI

Rachel 2 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management 0

I would like the ability to alter/add sort options available in the new Consumer UI.

Currently the only two options are "Recently added" and "Recently modified." 


Request to support RecordLink fields in reporting and metadata export

Elke Opitz 4 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 3 weeks ago 1

Use case: A record link field is used to link a master asset to a translated version of that asset. Right now it is not possible to get the information how often a master asset has been translated, because it is not possible to extract that record link information via a report or via metadata export. The minimal viable solution here would be to provide the number of children records link to an asset and the number of parent records an asset is linked to via Aprimo reporting and via metadata export.

Fields / Attributes Reporting / Analytics

Creating Contact Sheets

laura.patterson 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 1 month ago 1

Would love to be able to create a downloadable contact sheet of a set of assets either selected or from a collection or saved view. My users ask me about this capability all the time and we used to have this on our older DAM. 

WIP Content Grouping

Support for template assets

Maja Pejčić 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by Gerda Oppewal 1 month ago 3

It would be good for DAM to support templates (such as INDT) OOTB. Currently it is possible to add template file types manually (configure them), however use cases for adequate usage of templates should be covered as well:

Ideally DAM should support using template assets in two different ways:

  • When an supper user checks the template out, they should be able to modify the template itself and check it back in, so that other users can use modified template.
  • When a creative user checks the template out, they would be able only to create a new asset based on template, without actually being allowed to modify the template.

Current permissions model does not allow for such a configuration, as anybody who checks an asset out can modify it. In case of templates, this should be allowed only for privileged users. 

Creative Cloud WIP
In Progress

extend rule condition to compare a date with a calculation

peter.kloren 9 months ago in Digital Asset Management • updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 3

we need to be able to compare a DateField like: LicenseEndDate < (Now + 14) to be able to send out an email 14 days before the asset is expiring. the current implementation only allows to compare with the current date. 

Rules / Actions Notifications

References that can check regular expressions

As an admin I want to be able to use references that can check regular expressions, so for example I can create rules, validations, default values that would only be triggered if a field/filename has FINAL in its value


Group with default permissions

As an administrator I would like to have a built-in usergroup (so: provided by Aprimo) that contains all basic permissions to make use of the DAM (login into the Assets Studio, view metadata, download, etc.). This group would have permissions like "Use studios of type AssetStudio"-and "Log on to site Default"-DAM permission., similar to the "Users"-group in legacy ADAM