Allow download of files in "Content-disposition : form-data" format through ADAM REST API

Soumya Ghosh 2 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 2 years ago 3

It would be good to have "Content-disposition : form-data", i.e. option to download a file from ADAM as form-data instead of "Content-disposition : attachment" when downloading through the REST API of ADAM. 
Most of the system which uses REST API has a restriction of uploading file not more than size of 6mb. I think ADAM also supports upload with "multipart/form-data", but when you download the file from ADAM, it should also be possible to download as form-data, so that can be directly fed to any other systems like SalesForce. 
Kindly let me know your views on this. 

API ordering

I had multiple people looking at your request but we are not sure what you are requesting. Can you explain with a real use case of what you are trying to do?

Hi Petra,

Sorry I was not able to explain myself. Let me try.

We are implementing an integration between ADAM and SalesForce for one of my customer. There Salesforce team is using REST API of ADAM to connect to ADAM. As we know that Using REST API, we cannot upload a file bigger than 4 GB to ADAM without using "multipart/form-data", i.e. breaking files of bigger size to small chunks or segments. Similarly in Salesforce there is same restrictions. A file with size more than 4 gb has to be split into smaller chunk/segments. 

Now the issue is as ADAM REST API supports upload of bigger file as "multipart/form-data", but doesn't support download of the file in similar way, i.e. as "form-data". It always downloads a file as "attachment". Suppose we now download a file of 5 GB using ADAM REST API, it comes as an attachment, which we are not able to upload to Salesforce as it expects the file to be of lesser size OR it to be in "multipart/form-data" form. 

So my request is to enable the download of a file using REST of ADAM as "form-data", which can be readily used for integrating to Salesforce or similar environment. Instead of downloading the file as attachment (the entire file), it downloads as "form-data" (segmented file which can be uploaded directly to other systems or may be other ADAM environment).

Kindly let me know if I was able to explain myself. Thanks

Thx for the extra input. We haven't seen this come in as a common request (yet).