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user has more than 20 task open but when in to do list it shows only 20 Task and page scroll ends .. how to see more open task ?


This is by design. The ToDo-view is always limited to 20 tasks. If you would like to see all tasks (through paging), you need to use the task list view, and not the ToDo view.

Hello Petra, What are the challenges in achieving more than 20 task in the ToDO view. There is no literal message to our business that only 20 task would be viewed in TODo view

Hello Petra, We understand that it is by design. But the design is not customer friendly as next scroll able items should also be available for end users as it is misleading for users that there no further task in their queues.

We do not understand the why this portal is being named talkback or community portal as our queries are always unanswered by Aprimo team and our Request has been declined without acknowledging customer feedback?


Hi Sandesh,

I don't think your request was unanswered. We immediately gave the answer that we would not change the intended design. Product wise we communicated on Sync Sept 2017 that new functionality would be built for the Aprimo SAAS stack going forward and no longer for the on-prem components. In Aprimo SAAS the workflow component of Agilepoint is replaced with Aprimo Marketing Operations which is a much more powerful and flexible workflow environment. Therefore many workflow requests related to the old on-prem world become obsolete.

If you look at the 'closed' requests, you can see that we do pick up quite a lot of the requests customers make. That the requests was made on the on-prem ADAM doesn't hold us back to make the improvement in SAAS. But in your case i would advise to look at the Aprimo MO workflow to discover the potential of that component.

Hello Petra,

Thank you and appreciate for the detailed explanations. It is worth to share with your challenges with the business customers.


Best regards,

Sandesh S