ADAM statistics to justify an Elastic cluster

Christoph De Herdt 3 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 2

An Elastic cluster is very subjective to set up. It depends on what and how many fields are marked as searchable, how many languages you have, how many recordlinks are searchable and how often the same child is linked to several parents.

I would like to define the following story:

As a technical partner or ADAM support agent I would like to see a number of SQL queries that can be used to derive statistics from an ADAM database. When an optimal Elastic cluster is achieved, those statistics can be used when other partners ask support regarding an Elastic cluster that isn't performing as expected.

All statistics that are collected could be used to expand the ADAM recommendations regarding the setup of nodes in an Elastic cluster.

Hi Christoph,

I understand this would be valuable but not an easy thing to do.
With our SAAS strategy we would not be looking to develop this for the on-prem. On SAAS, Aprimo is responsible for the scaling of the architecture to meet the SLAs.