Configure the restriction of records in certain classifications from results in main search bar

Mary Mcmahon 3 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 1

We have "status" classifications set up for approved, inactive, expired, etc. We'd like to have results from the main search bar on the Assets page restrict the initial results to exclude some of the classifications, ex: expired and inactive. Once the results display, then have the user be able to add those records back in through a facet.

For most of their work, our creative users do not need, nor do they want to see expired and inactive assets, however, there are times when they'll use them in concepting for a new campaign, or on a long term project that needs the best of the best (obtaining the usage extensions for assets that are expired), so we can't have DENY READ permissions on the classifications.

Currently, they search, and then scroll through all of the results, or filter out the classifications they do not want to see.

By adding in this functionality, we'd not only be improving the user experience of finding usable assets, but we'd be helping to reduce risk of an expired or inactive asset being used incorrectly.

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