Like the connector may make Adobe Suite products integrate directly with ADAM, would like this for EXCEL

Diana Fournier 3 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 2

Our users in France have requested the ability to edit an Excel file directly from ADAM.

The current workflow of course is to 1) Check-out 2) Download 3) Edit 4) Check-in/Upload

But they would like this to be more integrated, similar to how the new Bridge Connector will allow seamless editing of Adobe Suite products like InDesign/Photoshop.

Thank you.

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We are working on a new desktop connector which will open a (any) document in the appropriate application after you have checked out the file in the DAM. After working on the document on your desktop you can check it back it with one simple click as well.

That will provide the same 'souplesse' as you know it from the former Bridge integration. In the back there is always a download (on check-out) and an upload (on check-in), however the user shouldn't be bothered with knowing where these files are.