Uniform timezone handling

Bart Theys 3 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 1


Adam stores timestamps most of the time in UTC format. However, this is not consistent and never adapted to the client's timezone.

As a user in London, I upload an asset at London time = 12u18PM (BST).
UTC time is still 11:18am
Web Server clock is at 1u18PM (CEST).
When viewing the asset, the user does not see 12:18PM. Strangely enough, on the version title, UTC time is shown, in the 'Created By' section Server time is shown. Actual upload time (local to the client) is not visible.

(see screenshot)

- Change request 1 - can time be stored as UTC and not server time (also for creation, modification dates etc).

- Change request 2 - can timezone be stored on the user profile (and so UTC time recalculated during rendering to local time) en vice versa when user requests for search expressions

- Change request 3 - can datatime formatting be adapted to the users country profile (e.g. in Germany a dot is used in date 9.6.2017 (instead of a slash '/').

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