Single issue hotfix availability

Diana Fournier 4 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

We would like the ability to request a hotfix for a single issue we reported, without having to take on other fixes (that other clients requested, not us) for our same version of ADAM. We are currently on 5.5.

This is due to the validated nature of our environment where technical releases (hotfixes, patches) can take 3-4 months to apply to our on prem install and be fully tested and validated.


Hi Diana,

I understand the request and quite a lot of customers would like this way of working because this minimizes change risk. However that would mean that all customers would run on different environments and that would not only become a nightmare to support but also a nightmare to manage in our software build process.

A hotfix is a fix for a showstopping issue on the ADAM out-of-box code which occurs on a production environment. The fix is created in a short cycle and tested only for the setup of the customer and delivered only to that customer through support. We cannot (will not) change this in the future.