Upload (Video) file - Ignore initial validation during save of generated preview

Bart Theys 4 years ago in Archived updated 3 years ago 3


We have assigned a default classification for file uploads. The classification has one mandatory field registered. When uploading a normal jpg, the thumbnail and preview are generated well (even when the user has not yet entered a value for the mandatory field). But when uploading a video, the preview is generated by a background job and this one fails because of the validation of the mandatory field. Can the initial preview generation be saved with 'validations' disabled please?

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Bart Theys
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The team wants you to know they fixed that for you in the Spring 2017 release (ADAM 5.9) :-)

Thanks, this was also discussed via support and we are looking forward to see all improvements on the matter of upload & download stability in the OOB product as of v5.9.