Improve integration PIM - DAM for asset selection

Bart Theys 4 years ago in Products updated 3 years ago 2


The UI to select a product images in ADAM Products (PIM) is not user friendly. It is also not clear for our customers (already using ADAM as a DAM), why they still need to additionally classify their assets in a separate classification (PIMS Aspect Categories...) and not simply filter on their approved DAM media. The popup to select images only has search box and no filtering options.

A suggested feature is to have the image field popup in Products look similar to a standard ADAM Space. Even better would be that it can be configured per field, what space (or search expression pre-filter) is to be used: e.g. related photos field shows a different subset of the dam asset than related documents field.

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Bart Theys.

UX search configurability

It is definitely in the plan to make the applications uniform in behavior. Not sure if I should put this to planned or started, since this is a gradual process we go through when we work our way through the application. So I'll keep it on 'requested' status for now.

Hi Petra,
I am aware that on the long run, PIM & DAM will get more integrated. The above feature request just emphasizes our request to consider in this, the current difficulty of linking assets to a product in PIMS. In the media type fields in PIM, you essentially need to know the name of the asset and type it in the search box; there are no other filter options. In a demo scenario, this can work because you have a pre-populated set of assets in as nice structure under the aspects category.
But in reallity, the user has a DAM with 1000s of uploaded & annotated assets in a logical taxonomy. It is unlogical to introduce an additional artificial taxonomy under aspects in PIM. The business user expects to just navigate withinin the DAM taxonomy to select an asset, (maybe even from a pre-filtered sub branch dependent on the PIM field: e.g. AssetTypes/Documents/SpecSheets'). Additional facet filtering is often needed to reduce this set to a smaller subset small which allows you to the select the intended asset easyly.