Allow appending and replacing values in text list fields through jobs

Mary Mcmahon 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated 3 years ago 4

When creating a job on text list fields in ADAM 5.7, we're only able to overwrite the current value. It will be very useful to be able to append or replace specific values in text list fields like we can in text fields.

maintenance fields systems

Has anyone else switched text fields to text list fields and noted this loss of functionality? It doesn't hit us often, but when it hits, it's hitting hard.

If this is an issue that you have from time to time, I would suggest creating your own custom MaintenanceAction for doing this. You could then register the maintenance action (.registeredMaintenanceActions setting) and even provide your own UI for the action.
It's not that hard and you'll have the full ADAM API at your disposal from within the MaintenanceAction.

Thank you. I'll get this request on our IT's radar. If things change on the ADAM side based on other customers experiencing frustration/difficulty, and it gets added to your roadmap, please let me know.