Allow security to be applied when loading of Basket/Collection items using the Adam.Core.dll

Alin Serbaneci 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

Loading Basket/Collection Records using the Adam.Core.dll (logged in as a user) brings all the record IDs in the Items property of the basket regardless of security.

The users gets the Ids of items on which he has no access. The user is allowed to delete ids from the list even if he does not have access to them.

This creates a problem for us when paginating (since the user may not have access to the IDs received for a specific page) and when editing baskets since we do not want to delete records that belong to other users. From ADAM Central, list seems to work ok (you see only records on which you have security rights, security does not affect paging, deleting the records from the collection did not delete records that are visible for other users)

API security collections, content groups