User Management Page: add possibility to search by actual name and not only by mail or user name

bto_consultant14 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Peter Scoins (SBD) 4 years ago 4

we would like to have the possibility to search users by their actual name.

currently we have the possibility to find them using e mail or user name.

i.e Carola Tolasi is not searchable

CarolaT and carola.tolasi@xxx.com are searchable

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Can we also make the User List (User Lookup control) configurable as well?

it would be great to have the option to configure the default fields to search against when looking for a user in ADAM wether that's in the management page or in user lookup controls. I understand you can search for the username or email by default and that you can specify a search against a User Global field that has been "enabled for search" by specifying the search like so "fieldname='search term'" but that isn't overly user friendly for the end user unless they are technically.

It will save regular users and DAM administrators a bunch of time especially in scenarios where the usernames may be generated by complex Active Directory set ups like we have here.


Pete Scoins


@Peter Scoins,

I've created some code that should help you with the problem "Can we also make the UserList (User Lookup control) configurable as well?". You can find it on github:

Hope that helps.

For the search pages, I have some code in that same github that might provide you a starting point to implement what you're looking for: https://github.com/CheckboxSoftware/AdamExtensions/wiki/Product-inheritance-pages. Although it is a solution to a whole other problem, it might give you just enough ideas to find the solution.

Please let me know if you manage to find the solution (maybe even share your code).

Thanks for this Nick, Although I did manage to create my own control using the field builder that will do this functionality. :)