Define Facets collapse state on load

Luc Naets 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by jellyson 4 years ago 5

Sometimes you have quite a lot of facets on a page that consume vertical space beyond teh window size… and maybe some of the facets could be closed on initial page load to preserve space. When the user then decides to have it's contents visible he can expand that facet.

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Hi Luc

I presume this is an addition to the facet tweaks already available in 5.5 where only a small set of facet options is displayed per default per facet?

Would you expect this to be system controlled or user controlled?

I.e. would you expect that the system is able learn that I as a user always collapse the "product color" facet, because I don't need to filter on that, and for that reason load this facet as collapsed whenever I encounter that facet?


An additional attribute in the setting of the attribute to make it open/closed as set by an administrator.

After the user has entered that page and changed it's state it should keep that state while selecting/deselecting other facets. Only when you open a new space from the Assets main page spaceWidget should reset the initial state set by an administrator. (that was my idea :-).

case: I user get's a result from a search and after looking at the results he thinks it's important to fine-filter on a less important facet.

Clear! thanks for the clarification.


We would like to add some weight to this request. For some of our business units we have very dense metadata filters so conserving UI space to list only the headings is very useful. We often also order the facets so that it acts as a decision tree of values, sometimes even adding a "Start Here" to the facet label. Currently the closest we could get with this feature is to list only 1 or 2 facets before the More option is displayed.

thanks for listening