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Within a PIM you are maintaining product information per product type. One application should be able to handle a product range: handle marketing products, handle food products, handle electronics, handle jewellery. For each product type/ product range you have different fields. Today you need to set the visibility based on the assigned classification. But some products are assigned to multiple classifications and then it becomes tricky in terms of displaying fields. We are at multiple customers who have a serious complex setup in terms of fieldgroups/ classifications and its not flexible enough so constantly demanding work-arounds. This is especially the case when a product hierarchy (main/sub products) is introduced.

Ideally we have the ability to set product templates which could be linked to a classification. This would allow much more flexibility, transparency and ease of use.

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Hi Elisabeth, In our current project we used some type of MVC pattern to disconnect classification and template panel relation, which may help with your case. If you are interested I can share these thoughts.

Hi Onno, Would love to hear how you do this. We are currently working with two type of solutions: the classification panel view and a "product type" classification... Any new ideas are much appreaciated!


Related to this, all products in Pim are called "product" in the studio. When introducing "product types" it would be extremely helpful for users to no longer use the "product" label but the label of the product type.

Sorry for the delay. Got the e-mail that there was a reply today?

I think we do the same as you suggest.

We shave split fieldgroups:

1. a field group for each product type classification repsonsible for the mapping of fields to the product types (e.g. sleeve length for product type shirt etc).

2. We have a seperate fieldgroup which manages the releation between fields and panels. Autohorizations are managed on the panel fields groups (only).

A product must be classified in one product type classification. The user role defines what A user is entitled do see/do on panel level. and the custom panels are used in the default template for the product.

Hope this clarifies it a bit othewise drop me a email. onno.stegeman@capgemini.com