Order fallback to http download instead of FTP Resort

Bart Theys 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 12


Large impact orders fall back to FTP resort (for Download, Send As Email functionallity,...).
As a partner, we experience several difficulties with FTP (e.g. firewall settings, user must know credentials to download,...). The idea of a fallback with email link is ok, but users nowadays expect to simply click the download link (which is only available for a limited number of days).

Given the Azure context (blob storage etc...) it would be helpful to have OOB alternative fallback mechanisms to support http(s) download.

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Bart Theys.

configurability ordering WIP

The described behaviour above did not completly match the reality: in case of Download order, there is even no fallback at all (so FTP fallback only is included in send as email functionality).WeI would like to extend our feature request to a more generic solution for download orders. In case impact is too high, schedule the download as a background job and send an email with download link when ready.


We will be working on providing a better download experience for the Spring release 2017

Hi Petra; can you elaborate a bit on what "better download experience" means?

The topics we prioritized to work on in the next release Spring 2017 (aka ADAM 5.9) in order to improve the general download experience for downloading one or multiple files from ADAM (setup in a standard architecture) are :

    1. Make all downloads asynchronous: each download will be diverted to a maintenance box
    2. The download experience will be adopted to support this behavior : message that download is processing or being made ready. You will get a … notification when your download ready.
    3. A notification will be triggered to the user to confirm the download is ready and bring him to the ‘my downloads page’
    4. A notification will be triggered when a download process has failed or contact your administrator

Hi Petra,

Do you mean that it will no longer be possible to download any file directly via the web interface? Or do I need to understand the notification concept more as something wider than pure emailing? I don't like the idea that a user (even for the smallest files download) needs waiting for an email with download link. The problem today is especially with large impact downloads (and the lack of async fallback), and not about download of simple 50kb jpeg files.

I agree with Bart. For as clear as the messaging is when the download's processing, it still confuses users, and makes them a. think they did something wrong, or b. that the download failed.

Small downloads should still seem immediate to the user, not requiring them to go to their downloads section.

If there's no way to get around needing to navigate to the downloads page, the downloads page needs to open in a new window or tab-- not redirect them from wherever they are in the system.

Hi Bart,

Yes we would like to make it possible to still directly download the smaller assets (without zipping them). For notifications we're looking into e-mail but also application notifications.

.. and by maintenance box, do you mean a seperate server that we will need to license or?

This will not impact your current licensing.


  • Is it possible to specify default server, by user (or by user location) for the download?
    (It would be nice to push the download to the user’s country, rather than having to open it from where the server is located.)
  • Include a on screen or popup message so the user knows that the download is working in the background and where to go find their download when it is completed.