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Bart Theys 4 years ago in Collaboration updated 4 years ago 3


When using collaboration studio, the search bar allows to search for projects in which your user is involved (even when you are in the administrators users group, you can not get an overview of all projects). The only user that can see all projects in the system is the 'Administrator'.

Is it possible to add a permission to allow certain user(group) to have more administratrive privileges on the on-going projects. This behaviour could be similar to what the permission "Manage all uploaded files" does for the 'File Uploads' screen.

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This is actually needed for organizational administrators. Right now, there is no way for a representation of that role without giving full administrative access

It will even not work by giving the user 'administrative' access. The only user in the system that can now have an overview of projects is the user with login name 'Administrator'. So, a permission setting is expected here as a solution. Then it can be managed by configuration what users roles have the capability for viewing the entire list of projects.