Add search expression help in documentation

Nik De Clercq 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

Search expressions aren't easy. It is a proprietary format and is hard to learn. For developers, that use search expressions in custom code, there used to be a lot of documentation available. In fact I used to recommend every one developing ADAM to learn the search term "search for" by heart (result of that search term is this: http://doc.adamsoftware.net/OnlineDocs/ADAM/5.4.2/ADAM%20Help/AdamHelp.htm#search-"searching for").

Since ADAM 5.5, a lot of the search terms are no longer available. To make matters worse, the help pages explaining the search expression options have disappeared.

My request: could you please provide a help page that contains an overview of all available search expression terms. It is an essential help for all ADAM developers.

search configurability documentation

As you rightly say, the search expressions are mainly a developer tool. For this reason we moved the majority of the search expression documentation to the developer guide, and only kept a limited subsection in the Admin guide. The old comprehensive list to which you are referring is available in the ADAM Developer Guide > Searching section.


Hi Nick,

if i understand the response from Ida correctly, the list is still there, but moved to another part of the documentation. Let me know if you don't agree.