Upgrade Elastic Search version

Emanuel Dejonghe 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 1 year ago 7

Currently Adam is using v 1.7.3 of Elastic. This version was release October 15, 2015. In the mean time they already reached version 2.4.1.

It would be great if Elastic was upgraded to a more recent version. That way we could use the "Elasticsearch Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template" in the Azure Marketplace to host Elastic.

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1.7.3 is currently no longer supported by Elastic Search. So the promise to go to Elastic Search to get support is not valid anymore.

Please upgrade to the latest version / second last version to allow for customers to get additional support.

Can we upgrade Elastic Search without breaking ADAM?

Unfortunately it's not supported to upgrade Elasticsearch.

Upgrading to latest 1.7.x might work, but upgrading to 2.x or 5.x will definitely break. As indicated by Petra status change, we have started the upgrade internally, but unfortunately, it will not make it into the Winter release.

Are there any updates on this?