Show different information instead of user name

Peter Klören 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by dana.czerwinski 4 years ago 3

Currently the user name is shown everywhere in the application. However, when AD or ADFS integration is used, the user name can be cryptic.

It would be great to have a configuration setting to select the user field to show instead of the name everywhere in the UI.

UX security

This is a big issue for our users, especially since this is a new application that we're in the process of working towards user adoption. They will see our ADFS info instead of a person's actual name - leaving them no way to figure out who is who. With ADFS one would see something like: masskg_prod-am@tdameritrade.com. They would have no idea that belonged to me, Kristen Bernady. It would be ideal to select the User field that used my actual name.

This is huge pain point in getting associates engaged.


Currently, when our users try to assign roles to other users, since we are using ADFS, it is nearly impossible to match the ADFS username with the user's name. Here is an example. As the Owner, I created a record to kick off a workflow, and am trying to assign Reviewers.

Also, the only way I have to determine which ADFS username represents which user, I need to go to the User Management area. But, this is only accessible to me as an admin, which means our end users will not have that option.