Do not use ID's in settings

Peter Klören 4 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Luc Naets 4 years ago 4

I notice in Products, but also recently in Assets, some settings that use ID's of classifications, fields or other objects.

It would make the system a lot more portable and readable if other keys where used to reference those objects.

Example: .assetStudioPages uses the ID for the classifications that get facets assigned. Instead of the ID, the name path should preferably be used.

UX configurability systems

I know what Peter is after… readability. But!!! I think he never changes any classification name or label in his setup?… So then every setting that uses that name is broken…

It wooul dbe much better to use the Guid always but map it to it's name/label on visualisation in the UI to the user.

Hello Luc,

We use a tool to shift configuration from one environment to the other. The classifications we shift are "system" classifications and are not to be renamed in any case. This allows us to merge configuration from one system to the other without the danger of creating duplicate items because the ID's differ.

In this case we noticed.assetStudioPages setting containing the ID of the classification where a facet was linked to. If the classification would have been created on DEV / TEST / PRD manually, they would have different ID's making it impossible to copy the configuration of the facets from DEV to TEST to PRD automatically.

Changing a label is fine.

Hey Peter,

OK! you're right when you make the convention of NEVER changing names of classifications. Then your name becomes your key.