Tool for Migrating Between Environments

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On all our projects we first develop on our development environments, move into test, then into UAT and finally into production - so a proper DTAP deployment :)

One of the areas we always struggle with is the moving of data (e.g organisations, user groups, settings, classifications, fields) between environments.  Generally we put together an Excel spreadsheet in which we update any changes when in development and run against the environments as we push through.  However, this isn't the "neatest" of solutions.

Just like with the export / import of translations, it would be great if the same could be completed against other elements in the solution.  That way we have an easy way of moving between environments, hopefully reducing the time it takes to achieve this and also providing better service to our clients.



architecture and deployments

This is critical in our double-validated implementation.  We currently have 2 Developer VMs, a DEV environment, a TST environment for QA, a VAL staging environment that is fully validated, and our fully validated PRD environment.  "Cutover misses" caused by manually migrating configuration among environments was our number 1 issue post go-live and forced us through many additional cycles of validated repair work.


I agree. This is the main reason why we at Delaware have created our own custom migration tools. I have heard of many other partners who have done the same.

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Absolutely agree - this would help us a lot.


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