Site support for Indexer tasks in saas environment

Petri Helin 9 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 6

You can't currently define Indexer task to use particular site. If using indexer in capture mode, all files will end up in solutions's default Site's "Path for files cataloged in Capture-mode". If there would be a site parameter in Indexer task and also in command line Indexer tool this problem would be easily solved.

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Hello Petri

There is a workaround available so you can create the setup that you want, I will explain this for two sites but this is useable for as many sites that you want.

1. Create a new site and add that one as a new registration in Adam.Core.Server.Config

2. Create a data structure for each site and add those to the site settings

3. Activate each site and registration with the ActivateDatabase command

4. Create a hotfolder for each site

5. Create an indexer for each site and fill out the hotfolder that was created for that site

6. Go to the advanced tab of each indexer and fill out a different priority for each indexer (Site 1 = priority 10 and Site 2 = priority 20)

7. Go to the Adam Command Line Prompt and start the Indexers

8. Add files in each of the hotfolders

9. Run the RunMaintenanceJobs and fill out the priority and registration to select the hotfolder that needs to be triggered


Matthias Vanhollebeke

Thank you for the tip. 

If we use same database for multiple sites is step 3 (ActivateDatabase) necessary for each site ?


Hello Petri

You can skip step 3 if you have already added it to the Adam.Core.Server.Config file but I have just added it to be complete.


Matthias Vanhollebeke

Followup question: If I add movie files in multisite environment, then adam generates maintanance jobs automatically with priority 999. These jobs do not have Site information (Site affinity?) so everything ends up in default site. Any solutions to this ?

Hello Petri

It is possible to change the priority from the maintenancejob that is triggered automatically with the MaintenanceManager Class. That way you can choose where you want to send the preview to based on the priority.


Matthias Vanhollebeke