Default conversion profiles

Petri Helin 9 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 8

When ordering basket in Assetstudio with Resize image there is three predefined conversion settings. Where are this conversion defined? I would like to change the icc profiles used in these conversions and add a few more.

Screen Shot 2011-11-26 at 11.23.38.png


The predefined conversion settings are currently hardcoded, so there's no way of changing them. We do have a feature request for this on our backlog. Could you indicate how critical this feature is so we can assign the proper priority to it? Thanks.

We have multiple customers who use custom profiles so this is an important feature.  Migration will start at January. If you make it configurable please make it in Site level..



This change is going to be part of the next major release for ADAM. Making the AssetStudio more configurable and user-friendly is going to be one of the focusses for that version. A release date for this version has not been determined yet, but will definitely not be in the January timeframe.

in ADAM 5.7 we have made changes to our ICC profile support.

Fall 2016 - ADAM 5.7 has been released. In case this release does not cover all details of your request, please enter a new request for what's missing.