Preview option in Indesign when using PageBuilder plugin

Peter Klören 8 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

As a user, I want to use data from ADAM to generate a kind of preview from within Indesign. For this to work,  a "preview" button should be added  to the PageBuilder tagger menu in Indesign. This button fetches data from ADAM and merges it into a document that is displayed to the user. With this, the user can quickly verify if changes in the template result in correct output formatting.

Would be great if this will be implemented quickly: there is a real need at Philips to use this.


Hi Peter,

Agreed. this feature is on our backlog. As soon as we have scheduled it on a release i will let you know.



ADAM has stopped investing in Catalogs. Opensource connections with cataloging technology will be offered in the extension community. E.g. Easycatalog can provide the resolving of data on the template.