Add dropdownbox to select fieldgroup in PageBuilder & DocMaker tagger

Peter Klören 8 years ago in Archived updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 1

Fields available in Indesign are filtered based on the fieldgroup pointed to by the setting "PageBuilder_UserFields". If you have many templates, the number of fileds in this fieldgroup can explode and annoy the users who need to scroll a lot.

It would be better if you could select a fieldgroup from the tagger page to change the fields that are shown when linking ADAM fields to Indesign elements.

If you would support having multiple fieldgroups in "PageBuilder_UserFields", you could display this list of groups and it would allow to have different lists per user or usergroup.



ADAM has stopped investing in Catalogs. Opensource connections with cataloging technology will be offered in the extension community.