Teamwork projects and failing assets

Petri Helin 8 years ago in Collaboration updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 3

Adding a problem asset to Teamwork project breaks all Conceptshare links in Teamwork. To replicate:

Create a teamwork project and add one asset to it 

  • Verify that conceptshare links works.
Add a problematic file to working teamwork project (which fails with Conceptshare, try a pdf 1.7 with transparency) .
The ConceptShare link to working asset also vanishes.

Callback set the status for whole project, not individual assets. We need more control on this; lets say that you have 10 assets on project which works and add one more which fails and then you can't access comments on all assets. You can fix the project manually in AssetStudio but I don’t think that very good solution.

kind regards,

Petri Helin

In Collaboration 2.0 (=Teamwork for ADAM 5.0), the project is no longer broken if one corrupted asset is in the project.

Yes, it seems to work better now. We took Collaboration 2 into production last weekend and our tests confirmed this.