documentation on LogAction

anonymous 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

as per #4364, some documentation on the different LogAction linked entries would be great.

basically, i'd like to know with which severity entries with a certain value from the enumeration get logged (if it is always the same, otherwise it gets more complicated). i know that RecordDeleted, IndexerTaskModified, UserCreated is severity Normal, but for most of the values i have no idea. i need this to be able to tell what entries will be available when the log detail is set to a certain level and which aren't.

also, the different sources where to look for could be documented: there is tblLOG, tblFILEVERSIONCATALOGLOG, tblMAINTENANCEJOBHISTORY, the windows event log, ... what goes where?

and finally, i noticed that not everything is affected by the system settings: there are also log levels in the indexer service's, main service's, the commandline's, ... config files. which value has precedence? do they control separate things?