Retrieving participant that performed the task

Peter Klören 7 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

Context: it is possible to set the "Participants" property to a semicolumn separated list of participants. If you set the MaxParticipants to 1, I need to know what user did actually permformed the action. I noticed that the record.LastModifiedBy attribute is set to the WF systemuser and not to the user that performed the task.

Solution: There must be property "ActualParticipant" that contains the participant that performed the task in the current process instance.

Applies to: all ADAM blocks that are involving user interaction (EditMetaData, PickUsers etc).


Hi Peter,


The property 'SaveCompletedByTo'   is available on both manual and hybrid activities as of Workflow 2.0.

The custom attribute in which the Id of the user(s) who completes the activity is stored. In case the activity was done by multiple participants, all Ids are stored in a semicolon-separated list.

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