Setting to automatically select a default search context when clicking on the magnifying glass in Assets

Carl McIntyre 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

When users click on the magnifying glass in Assets, it would be great if we could automatically have selected a default search context. For some clients, most of the searches they will run will be Record searches, so having to click on 'Record' or start typing 'Record' to run the search is an extra click they see as unnecessary.

Being able to set one of the contexts as the default in .assetStudioSearchContexts could cover it. If i put a flag in the Records context to say its the default, when the user clicks on the magnifying glass in Assets, the search context will be Records, so the user can start typing and search records. If the user wants to search via a different context, they can delete the default then select the one they want. Not setting a default would result in the behaviour we already have.

We have had this request from a client.

Hi Carl,

Yes... watch out for this in ADAM 5.1 :-)