It should be cear to user whether Tag field accepts text or xml data

Michal Rutrich 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Joris Wynendaele 4 years ago 0

You can find many Tag fields in Asset and System studio but behaviour is not same - some accepts text, some xml. For example every tag field (3) in Record is textual, but Collection's tag accepts xml.

It would be great to make some distinction between those two Tag fields so user can clearly tell what data he/she can fill in.

For now, we solved it by change of the label (via translation), but it could come out of the box.

UX configurability

Hi Michal,

I had a quick look at your request and I can't seem to reproduce what you're stating. Every out-of-the-box Tag property in ADAM only accepts valid XML. Could you indicate what Tag field you mean on record?

Just thinking out loud here, but could it be that the record Tag field you mention actually is a TextFieldDefinition that you, a member of your team or your customer has set up? In that case, it would be intended behavior that it accepts simple text values. The fact that it was labeled 'Tag' would be confusing as we're also using Tag as the name of a configuration property.

Hope this makes sense,