Use fieldgroups for users, usergroups or organisations

Stijn Van Roey 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated 4 years ago 0

It would be a great help if we could create fieldgroups that can be linked to users, usergroups or organisations.

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Can you give a bit more info about that? What is your use case? Your goal?


We offer Adam as Saas, and have different customers that use the same Adam installation.
The clients are very different and so is the userdata. Some have openinghours, others have a agentnumber, ... it is easy to store this data in the userrecord. But all these fields now appear for all the users.

If we build a frontend on adam there is no problem, we can filter the needed fields for the customer (and don't show the openinghours for some users). But in the Adam backend this is more difficult.

It seems possible with permissions, but requires a lot of configuration.(See ticket 5072)

So, do I understand you correctly that you would like to have some user fields that you can have on a user-profile depending on some criteria (comparable to classification dependent fields on records)? Would floating user fields be sufficient?

Floating fields will still be hard to configure. It should be like the classification dependent fields. On a organisation or usergroup.

So when we add a user to a specific organisation or usergroup, the correct fields are added automatic. (Yoeri doesn't like floating fields.)