Ability to classify asset in more than 1 classification via non custom Indexer

Steve Malko 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Wouter Demuynck 4 years ago 0

I received a request from the client to create an indexer that will classify an item as 2 different classifications, It would be nice to be able to do this via the Indexer page without having to create a custom provider for such a simple task, extending functionality that already exists.

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Hi Steve,

First of all, thanks for your feedback. We really appreciate getting in touch with our users and partner developers. To reply to your request: are you aware of the Classification mapping feature in ADAM? This is a configuration that will automatically add records to certain classifications once they're being classified in a specified classification. You can find more information in the ADAM Admin Guide, section Admin Guide > Basics & Architecture > Classifications > Classification Mappings.

Please let me know if this suits your scenario and if you found this information useful.


Kind regards,


Wouter Demuynck

I have already spoken to Adam Support and we decided that Classification Mapping may not be a good idea.


For example, the situation I currently have.

The client wants to upload images of a shirt and will classify it as a "shirt" upon indexing. However they also want it to be classified as "unapproved" until someone manually changes it to "approved" (via their approval process)

Hi Steve,

Support has probably already mentioned this, but have you considered defining a rule that classifies the asset in "unapproved" when first added to your "shirts" (and other) classification(s)? If you put the rule in a custom assembly you could even reuse the same code for every classification.

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