Email address to be at least 128 characters

Viliam Batka 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 3

When adding User email, would it be possible to extend the current email address size in database from 50 to be at least 128 character long?  Some of the technical email addresses have more then 50 characters. Especially in case of long domain names and windows authentication this can be a problem.

Please note the if email address is in format local-part@domain. where 'local-part' can be 64 char long and the 'domain' 254 char long.

Hi Viliam,

We added this to the ADAM 5.1 work list. ADAM 5.1 which is under development.



This was part of ADAM 5.1 as planned.

The Email property of the User object now allows 254 characters instead of 50. The

theoretical maximum length of e-mail addresses is 254 characters.