With reference to ticket 5495: Filter search should be supported after keyword search is performed

Yatin Kanade 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by petra.tant 4 years ago 2

1.Type an expression to be searched in the top search text box and hit enter
2. On the search result page, there is a filter box, type an expression to further narrow down the result.
3. The search is performed all over again, instead of filtering the results.

Ideally filter should narrow down the result.

Also, the same thing works as expected for Advanced search, in other words, filter functionality narrows down the search result when user performs Advanced search and then filters the result using filter text box present on the search results page.

So the filter should narrow down search results, if applied, after Keyword search.



Hi Yatin,


In ADAM 5.3 we completed the redesign of the search and browse behavior of ADAM. I upload a preliminary screenshot in which you can se the search and filter behavior as in the upcoming ADAM 5.3.


Kind regards,