Tasks should not take long time to appear in To do list. Time lag should be eliminated.

Yatin Kanade 7 years ago in Workflow updated by petra.tant 3 years ago 2

If the user is uploading files through upload workflow, user needs to refresh the to-do list page in order to see edit metadata task. (Edit metadata task appears after user has uploaded files). If not refreshed, it is displayed as in attached file – “No more tasks in list”.
However, if the user clicks on cancel task the edit metadata tasks is populated immediately.

This is because the previous task is not completed/next task is not triggered immediately. Hence, in the page refresh it is not captured.

Can the edit metadata task be triggered immediately on clicking “Complete” button on the upload file task similar to how it is triggered on clicking “Cancel task”?

That is, is it possible to close the upload task faster and trigger the edit metadata task before the page is refreshed?

UX workflow

The Aprimo DAM will be working based on the Aprimo workflow in the future and is going to be completely integrated. This request is no longer applicable to the new technology. So I'm closing the request.