Improve the UI for choosing classifications.

Luke Wilkinson 7 years ago in ADAM Core updated by Bart Theys 4 years ago 3

Some areas of the UI don't have the standard selection of choosing classifications, see the screenshot, the client I have been working with recently raised this ad I said I would submit a feature request, I have to say I do agree with them, from a business user point of view the UI needs to remain the same.



UX classifications

Dear Luke,

First of all: I voted +1 for your request, because I agree.

Secondly: have you considered creating a custom control that would replace the one shown in the screenshot?

You could inherit Adam.Web.Extensions.Providers.MaintenanceJobs.FluentTextMaintenanceActionProviderEditor and override CreateChildControls and SentenceLayout.

Once that's done, you should change the setting .registeredMaintenanceActions. In that setting you will find some xml looking like this:

<add name="ClassifyRecordAction" type="Adam.Core.Maintenance.Actions.ClassifyRecordAction, Adam.Core" webControl="Adam.Web.Extensions.Providers.MaintenanceJobs.ClassifyRecordActionEditor, Adam.Web.Extensions" />

Simply replace the value of the attribute webControl to return the type you created yourself and you're done.

To create the dialog for selecting the classifications, check out the control Adam.Web.Extensions.UI.Controls.ClassificationSearchListEditor. I think you can tweak that control to make sure it will fit nicely in the maintenance UI.

Best regards,

Nik De Clercq

Thanks Luke,

Make that another +1 for this option. We hear from users about consistency of interaction regularly. The more consistent, and the more functional the UI, the better the adoption of these systems prove.


We currently also have customer that needs this feature very much. The scenario can be simplified by this:
Assets should be organized in classification that look like this


It is very hard (even impossible!) to classify (in bulk) a set of assets in the correct Web folder as the interface only allows to type in text. The suggestion list only contains first 10 matching results. So the user cannot select Publications/South Africa/Web

Best Regards,