Products: make "selection" panel configurable

Nik De Clercq 7 years ago in Products updated by anonymous 4 years ago 0

We have worked out a solution for exporting Products to excel (for bulk edit). 
The export starts a custom ExportToExcelMaintenanceJob with custom ExportToExcelAction. The job with the actions and targets is started by right clicking the category tree and selecting the UI action ExportToExcel.

The customer also wants to export products to excel by putting products in a basket. Because we use a custom ExportToExcelMaintenanceJob, I don't think it is possible to use the job UI in Products (or any other studio). So I came up with the idea to add a action to the Selection panel in Products.

Unfortunately it is not possible to configure the actions that are shown in the selection panel.

So the feature request is: could you please make the actions in the Selection panel configurable.